"Sweetie, you've finished the main story of the game! Why not explore? There's a lot in here that isn't a part of the main story."

This page is written in an out-of-character perspective due to its content. It may be worded differently than the rest of the wiki. This is intentional.

The achievements are markers for hitting specified goals. They yield no bonuses, but give players something to aim for. They can be viewed in the main menu.

Note: Some achievements are contradictory and may require multiple playthroughs to obtain every achievement.


  1. Newcomer: Enter the realm of Mareth.
  2. Marae’s Savior: Complete Marae's (Demon Factory) quest.
  3. Revenge at Last: Defeat Zetaz and obtain the map.
  4. Demon Slayer: Defeat Lethice.


  1. Explorer: Discover every original game zone.
  2. Sightseer: Discover every original game place.
  3. Where am I?: Explore for the first time.
  4. Forest Ranger: Explore the Forest 100 times.
  5. Vacationer: Explore the Lake 100 times.
  6. Dehydrated: Explore the Desert 100 times.
  7. Mountaineer: Explore the Mountains 100 times.
  8. Rolling Hills: Explore the Plains 100 times.
  9. Wet All Over: Explore the Swamp 100 times.
  10. We Need to Go Deeper: Explore the Deepwoods 100 times.
  11. Light-headed: Explore the High Mountains 100 times.
  12. All Murky: Explore the Bog 100 times.
  13. Frozen: Explore the Glacial Rift 100 times.
  14. Roasted: Explore the Volcanic Crag 100 times.
  15. Archaeologist: Explore the Town Ruins 15 times.
  16. Farmer: Visit Whitney's Farm 30 times.
  17. Sea-Legs: Use the Lake Boat 15 times.


  1. Level up!: Get to level 2.
  2. Novice: Get to level 5.
  3. Apprentice: Get to level 10.
  4. Journeyman: Get to level 15.
  5. Expert: Get to level 20.
  6. Master: Get to level 30.
  7. Grandmaster: Get to level 45.
  8. Illustrious: Get to level 60.
  9. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Are you a god?: Get to level 100.


  1. My First Companion: Have a camp population of 2.
  2. Hamlet: Have a camp population of 5.
  3. Village: Have a camp population of 10.
  4. Town: Have a camp population of 25.
  5. City: Have a camp population of 100.
  6. Metropolis: Have a camp population of 250.
  7. Megalopolis: Have a champ population of 500.
  8. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: City-State: Have a camp population of 1000. Spoiler: This and subsequent population achievements are primarily accomplished through Phylla's children, due to their rapidly increasing numbers.
  9. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Kingdom: Have a camp population of 2,500.
  10. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Empire: Have a camp population of 5000.


  1. It’s been a month: Get to day 30.
  2. Half-year: Get to day 180.
  3. Annual: Get to day 365. (1 year)
  4. Biennial: Get to day 730. (2 years)
  5. Triennial: Get to day 1,095. (3 years)
  6. In for the long haul: Get to day 1,825. (5 years)
  7. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Decade: Get to day 3,650. (10 years)
  8. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Century: Get to day 36,500 (100 years).


  1. Delver: Clear any dungeon.
  2. Delver Apprentice: Clear 3 dungeons.
  3. Delver Master: Clear every original dungeon in the game.
  4. Shut Down Everything: Clear the Factory. Spoiler: It is not necessary to take any of the milkers, Gro+, or Lactaid to fully clear the Demon Factory.
  5. You’re in Deep: Fully clear the Deep Cave. Spoiler: This includes purifying Vala and defeating the Encapsulation Pod.
  6. End of Reign: Fully clear Lethice's Stronghold. Spoiler: This includes defeating Jean-Claude and the Doppelganger. Defeating the Incubus Mechanic is not necessary.
  7. Friend of the Sand Witches: Fully clear the Desert Cave. Spoiler: To accomplish this, you must talk to the Sand Mother and tell her to release Essrayle. Then, you must talk to Essrayle to inform her about her release. Bolstering the Cum Witches or freeing the Bath Slut are not necessary.
  8. Fall of the Phoenix: Clear the Tower of the Phoenix.
  9. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Accomplice: Watch Helia kill the Harpy Queen. Spoiler: To accomplish this, you must talk to Hakon in the basement before taking on the Harpy Queen, defeat the Harpy Queen, talk to Helia about Hakon, then choose to let the Harpy Queen go.
  10. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Extremely Celibate Delver: Complete Phoenix Tower without orgasming at any point. Spoiler: Orgasms had before the Phoenix Tower was even unlocked count. To get this, you must not cum at any point prior to completing the Phoenix Tower.


  1. Wannabe Wizard: Wear the wizard robes and equip a magic staff.
  2. Cosplayer: Wear 10 different pieces of clothing and/or armors.
  3. Dominatrix: Wear any form of kinky clothing and wield any form of whip.
  4. Going Commando: Wear no undergarments while wearing any clothes or armors.
  5. Bling Bling: Wear jewelry that is valued over 1,000 gems.


  1. Rich: Have 1,000 gems.
  2. Hoarder: Have 10,000 gems.
  3. Gem Vault: Have 100,000 gems.
  4. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Millionaire: Have 1,000,000 gems.
  5. Item Vault: Fill up the inventory, chest, jewelry box, dresser, weapon, armor, and shield racks.

Combat Edit

  1. Wizard: Learn all black and white spells from spell books.
  2. Cum Cannon: Cum in the middle of battle. Spoiler: The only way to achieve this is by being infested with Worms, and losing via Lust 5 times to unlock the special physical attack.
  3. How Do I Shot Web?: Fire webbing at your opponent. Spoiler: You must be a spider-morph to be able to fire webbing.
  4. Pain: Deal 50 damage in one hit.
  5. Fractured Limbs: Deal 100 damage in one hit.
  6. Broken Bones: Deal 250 damage in one hit.
  7. Overkill: Deal 500 damage in one hit.
  8. Damage Sponge: Take 10,000 damage.
  9. Bloodletter: Deal a total of 50,000 damage.

Holiday EventsEdit

  1. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Will You Be My Valentine?: Visit The Wet Bitch during Valentine's day.
  2. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Egg Hunter: Find 10 eggs as random drops during Easter event.
  3. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Happy Birthday, Helia!: Participate into Helia’s birthday event.
  4. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Pump-kin-kin-kin: Find the pumpkin.
  5. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Fera’s Wonderland: Free Fera/Visit her wonderland.
  6. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Thankslutting: Meet the Piggy-Slut.
  7. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Gobble Gobble: Meet the Cockgobbler.
  8. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: The Lovable Snowman: Have Nieve as lover.
  9. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Naughty or Nice: Meet the X-mas Elf.
  10. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: A Christmas Carol: Complete Carol's mini-quest.

Survival/Realistic ModeEdit

  1. Tastes Like Chicken: Refill your hunger for the first time.
  2. Champion Needs Food Badly: Instantly refill your hunger from 0 to 100 in one go. Spoiler: This can only be completed by masturbating with a 20+ inch penis and a cum production over 3000mLs. It is the only food that will fill the Champion's hunger to 100 without needing multiple doses.
  3. Glutton: Eat while hunger is above 90.
  4. Fasting: Keep hunger below 25 for a week but don’t let it reach 0.


  1. Portal Defender: Defeat 25 demons and sleep 10 times.
  2. Bad Ender: Cause or witness 3 Bad Ends to various NPCs.
  3. Game Over!: Get a Bad End.
  4. Urine Trouble: Urinate at least once in the realm of Mareth.
  5. What’s Happening to Me?: Transform for the first time.
  6. Transformer: Transform 10 times.
  7. Shapeshifty: Transform 25 times.
  8. Fapfapfap: Masturbate for the first time.
  9. Faptastic: Masturbate 10 times.
  10. Master-bation: Masturbate 100 times.
  11. Helspawn: Have Helia give birth to Helspawn and raise her until adulthood.
  12. Goo Armor: Wear the goo armor.
  13. Urta’s True Lover: Complete Urta's Fertility Quest then have her give birth to a baby fox.
  14. Dress-tacular: Give Rubi every outfit available. Spoiler: This includes the Inquisitor's Corset, which is only found via a rare event in the Swamp.
  15. Follow the Leader: Get every follower in the game. Spoiler: These are Ember, Sophie*, Jojo*, Helspawn, Rathazul, Shouldra, and Valeria.
  16. Gotta Love 'Em All: Get every lover in the game. (Nieve optional) Spoiler: These are Amily, Arian, Helia, Isabella, Izma, Kiha, Marble*, and Phylla.
  17. Meet Your Mistress: Get every slave in the game. (Corrupt Jojo, Corrupt Amily, and Bimbo Sophie optional.) Spoiler: These are Latex Goo-girl, Bath Slut, Ceraph, and Vapula.
  18. All Your People are Belong to Me: Obtain every follower, lover, and slave. (Excluding mutual exclusivity)
  19. Scholar: Fill out all codex entries available in the game.
  20. Freeloader: Visit the Kitsune’s mansion 3 times.
  21. Schizophrenic: Go between pure and corrupt 4 times. (Threshold of 20 and 80 corruption)
  22. Clean Slate: Go from 100 corruption to zero for the first time.
  23. Perky: Have at least 20 perks.
  24. Super Perky: Have at least 35 perks.
  25. Ultra Perky: Have at least 50 perks.
  26. Jack of All Trades: Have at least 50 of each stat. (Libido, sensitivity, corruption optional)
  27. Incredible Stats: Have at least 100 of each stat. (Libido, sensitivity, corruption optional)
  28. Like Chuck Norris: Defeat the frost giant without any equipment.
  29. Tentacle Beast Slayer: Slay your first tentacle beast.
  30. I’m No Lumberjack: Buy a total of 100 wood.
  31. Deforester: Cut down 100 wood pieces.
  32. Hammer Time: Buy a total of 300 nails.
  33. Nail Scavenger: Scavenge a total of 200 nails from the library wreckage.
  34. Yabba Dabba Doo: Buy a total of 100 stones.
  35. AntWorks: Gather 200 stones from Phylla.
  36. Home Sweet Home: Finish the cabin and complete it with furnishings.
  37. Getaway: Spend the night outside your camp.
  38. My Tent’s (Not) Better Than Yours: Sleep in Arian’s tent.
  39. Up to Eleven: Take your height up to 11 feet. Spoiler: Repeatedly having sex with purified Vala at the The Wet Bitch will increase height. This caps at 11 feet.
  40. Make Mareth Great Again: Build a wall around your camp to defend from those pesky imps.
  41. Kaizo Trap: Fall victim to the Kaizo Trap. (Get a bad end right after victory)
  42. The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Turn the tables against Erlking.
  43. Allahu Akbal: Submit to Akbal until you receive the associated perks.
  44. Dining In: Eat at The Black Cock.
  45. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Divine Intervention: Complete Minerva’s purification process.
  46. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Now You’re Fucking With Portals: Engage in portal sex with Ceraph.
  47. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Dick Banisher: Remove cocks from at least three dedickable NPCs.
  48. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: You Bastard: Either consort with Lethice or dedick 7 NPCs.
  49. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Getting Wood: Punch a tree until wood falls out.
  50. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Smashed: Get so drunk that you end up urinating. Spoiler: This can only be accomplished by having many drinks at Ingnam's inn.
  51. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Godslayer: Defeat corrupted Marae.
  52. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Fencer: Complete rapier training from Raphael.
  53. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Terracotta Army: You've placed 100 imp statues around your camp wall. No, bassy. Bad bassy! Baaad Mr. Bassy!!! (Hint: Use basilisk eyes to petrify imps.)
  54. Shadow Achievement: Spoiler: Prisoner: Get captured and sent to the Prison.

Challenges Edit

  1. The Ultimate Noob: Defeat Lethice at level 1.
  2. The Mundane Champion: Defeat Lethice without any spells.
  3. The Celibate Hero: Finish the game without ever having sex or masturbating.
  4. Pacifist: Finish the game without beating by HP victory or killing anybody.
  5. Speedrunner: Defeat Lethice in 30 days or less.

Unused Achievements Edit

There are a number of achievements which were put as flag markers, but went unused. It is unknown if these will be implemented or were leftover scrapped ideas.

  • Overlord: Reach level 75.
  • Millennium: Requirement unknown (Time achievement). Shadow achievement.
  • Time Traveler: Get past day 36,500+ by tampering with the save file. Shadow achievement.
  • Gourmand: Refill hunger from 5 different sources.
  • Holey Being: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Transgender: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Everybody Loves Me: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Fairy Frenzy: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Conversationalist: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • People Person: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Restart the Races: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Old Times: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Regular: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Drunk: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Free All the Slaves: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Slaver: Get every slave in the game, including corrupt Jojo and Amily, and Bimbo Sophie. Shadow achievement.
  • Yin Yang: Requirement unknown (General achievement).
  • Gamebreaker: Break the game (General achievement).
  • Save Scummer: Save scum (General achievement).