Aiko is a seven-tailed kitsune from DeepWood's. Edit

You can meet her after several meetings with other kitsune from the forest.

Aiko is a little over 5’4 tall. She has a head of short silver-blond hair that ends above her shoulders, parted by two large, furry fox ears. Seven luxurious fox tails sway behind her, the silky fur shimmering as they move. She wears a set of revealing blue and white robes, neatly pressed and hung off her features with care, her D-cup breasts bound by a cloth chest wrap that is just a little too tight. She sports a number of red “tattoos” adorning her face and body; the most prominent of which are the spiral-shaped patterns on her palms and buttocks, and a stylized lotus flower on her lower back. She wields a longbow almost as tall as she is that she can summon and dismiss with a snap of her fingers, and stares you down with a determined fire in her glittering blue eyes.
As soon as we make friends with a fox, a new tab in "Places" called "Great Tree" will be unlocked where you can find Aiko.

Options to choose from:

First encounter:

- Riches () have to check

- Power ( Can I become even more powerful? ) Causes her to trick you and give a pipe

- Fun time () Leads to Blowjob/eaten out

- Nothing ( Give back the ball without taking anything in return ) She will give you a kiss and raises your strength

- Fluffy Tail's! ( Touch the fluffy tails ) Initiates a scene in which our kitsune is very shy and...

- Corruption () have to check

Second encounter & others (*):

"You emerge into a clearing dominated by a familiar, ancient-looking tree, just in time to see a small feral fox with lustrous silver fur", “I’m surprised you managed to find this place again

- Talk ( Talk with the foxy girl )

- Fun time ( Have some fun times with foxy Aiko )

- Both ( *Have a chat then some fun times with foxy Aiko after )

- Spar ( Exchange some friendly blows ) The loser must satisfy the winner

Competition eh? I’m not a pushover, you know,” she says, taking a couple of mock boxing swings at the air. “Okay, I’m game. What are the stakes?Edit

- Fight ( Attack her ) At first you can attack immediately (*but at next meetings you must have a certain level of corruption)

- Corruption On/Off (*)

- Leave ( Leave the clearing )

Ninetails encounter

If you have nine tails when you first meet Aiko, a special meeting sequence occurs where she tricks you with an illusion, but then bows and apologizes when she realizes you have nine tails. You have the option of either just giving the ball back peacefully or her "getting rough" to get it back, which just leads to the typical deals she has for the first encounter.

Aiko have a sister named Yamata, when the affinity level reaches a sufficient value at the next meeting, the mission of stopping the corrupt Aiko sister will start.


She is standing over 6 and a half feet tall, and sports a large pair of demonic horns sticking up in front of her ears. She has only a cloth chest wrap to cover her large E-cup breasts, her bare arms covered in scratches and bite marks, with a billowing pair of white pants flowing around her waist, similar in style to the lower portion of Aiko’s robes. Have nine large tails twisting in the air behind her, flicking around erratically. Her head is constantly turned at a slight angle, as if it’s been permanently screwed on wrong, and every move she makes is bizarrely unsettling, as if she were some kind of abomination wearing the form of a kitsune.
She is at 30 level with around 2600 health points and 250 Lust points, additionally she has medium resistance to Lust, has a special ability that bound movements, and spell that can sealed your item pouch, can inflict bleeding wounds that cause a quick end to the fight. After defeating her we have three options:

- Let her go ( Let Yamata go, trusting her to not hurt anyone else )

- Aiko finish ( It should be up to Aiko what to do with Yamata )

- Finish her ( Yamata has caused enough pain and misery, end her now )