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While in Ingnam, the Alchemist is where the Champion may buy a few potions that could possibly aid them in the Demon Realm.

Ingame Description:
As you approach the stone building the overpowering smell of herbs and plants being brewed hits your nose. The crimson banner over the heavy wooden door indicates that this is where the potions are made. You enter what appears to be the place where the alchemist works on his famed remedies.

You open the door and enter. Despite the establishment being dimly lit by candlelight you can make out the vast multicolored rows of countless potions, elixirs and tonics. Fragrant drying herbs are hanging from the rafters and various strange-looking equipment is set up in a variety of locations in the store.

An ancient-looking man in a much-singed pair of robes is working on something volatile in the corner until he hears your presence. He stops and shuffles up to the timber counter, drumming it under his stained fingers. "What can I do for you, young master?" he says from under his frayed hood.

Items for saleEdit

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