Official sprite; made by Foxwells
Level 22
Hit Points 1340
Strength 90
Toughness 110
Speed 75
Intelligence 85
Libido 0
Sensitivity 10
Corruption 10
Lust 0
Vulnerability* 0
Gems Drop 40-65
Items Drop Wolf Pepper
Skills Tail slap
Gender None
Species and Family
Species Wolf
Breed Black wolf
Family Pups (unnamed)
Body Parts
Height 8'
Build Muscular
Face Wolf
Eyes Wolf, yellow
Ears Wolf
Arms Wolf
Legs Wolf, 4
Fur Thick, black, 3"
Tail Wolf
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts B-cup, 1 nipple*
Penis Wolf, 8" long, 1.5" girth
Testes 2, 2in wide
Vagina Normal wetness, tight
Butthole Tight, dry
Weapon Teeth +20
Armor Thick fur +15
Locations and More
Location(s) Glacial Rift
Bad End Wolf Prey
Interaction combat

Content Author: Foxwells

The Amarok is an intimidatingly massive, black wolf encountered in the Glacial Rift. It is an expert hunter that intends to take down the champion to feed its pups. Due to its skills in tracking and hunting, it's impossible to run from unless its target can fly.


Amarok, in combat
You are fighting the Amarok, a massive wolf that seems set on hunting you. The buffeting snow does nothing to hide its thick, black fur-- it hardly manages to even ruffle it. It has golden, hungry eyes that watch your every move and sharp teeth capable of crushing bones. It looms over you in both height and width, with well-defined muscles, long legs, and bulky paws with deadly claws that only add to its intimidating stature. Even its tail looks capable of knocking you down. It's the most normal animal-like creature you've seen here yet, a normal wolf despite its size, but is no less terrifying. You get the feeling this won't be an easy fight, especially considering it's not about to let you run away.

History Edit

The Amarok is a large wolf originating in Inuit mythology. While the word "Amarok" has been used in general to refer to wolves, the Amarok encountered in the Glacial Rift is the same one from Inuit mythology. Why or how it's in Mareth, though, is unknown.

Interactions Edit

Being a literal wolf, the Amarok doesn't have many interactions.

Post-Combat Edit

  • Be tossed to wolf pups: Lose battle
  • Be eaten: Lose 5 times in a row
  • Be ignored: Lose by ejaculating worms

Combat Edit

The Amarok is a tricky enemy, primarily due to the fact that it can't be teased and can't be run from if the champion doesn't have the right wings. Its also built like a tank-- high level, lots of health, and high toughness, combined with notable attack, all together make it a handful for anyone unprepared.

It has two special attacks to be wary of: a claw attack and a tail slap attack. The claw is a basic damaging move, but can deal heavy hits. The tail slap also deals hard damage, but has the chance to stun the champion if they don't have the Resolute perk, making it an intimidating option.

For a champion that can fly, running is a favorable option if they aren't equipped to handle the Amarok. Those who aren't are out of luck and must fight.

While immune to lust attacks, the Amarok is weak to regular attacks and spells like all other enemies. Blind, Heal, Charge Weapon, and Might are generally good spells to cast. If the champion has a high spell modification multiplier, Whitefire is also a decent option. Blind will disable the Amarok's special attacks and severely cut the accurate of its bite attack. Charge Weapon and Might will boost the champion's power, while Heal can recharge them if they take too much damage. Outside of that, it can only be defeated through HP loss, so it takes a few rounds of whittling its health down before it loses.

Bad Ends Edit

Main article: Bad End#Wolf Prey

This bad end is achieved by losing 5 times in a row to the Amarok. Instead of tossing the champion to its pups, the Amarok will personally kill the champion. It does this by crushing them and making them unable to breathe, which weakens them significantly. It then bites the champion's neck, snapping it and killing them.

Any descriptions of being eaten were avoided, as to keep with the no hard vore content rule.

Trivia Edit

  • Foxwells expressed being very disappointed that they couldn't elaborate more on the bad end scene without breaking the no gore rule.
  • The Amarok is the only NPC to have their arms be type wolf. It was originally possible for the champion to get them through the Wolf Pepper, but it was removed before the Wolf Pepper was usable.
  • File:Amarokold16bsprite.png
    The Amarok originally had a sprite that had the fur pattern of a gray wolf and a build resembling a dog opposed to a wolf.
  • Unlike most enemies, the champion can't have sex with the Amarok. Foxwells excuses this under the no bestiality rules, but mostly didn't include it because they really didn't want to write sex scenes with a wolf.
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