Level 4
Hit Points 210
Strength 40
Toughness 20
Speed 40
Intelligence 50
Libido 55
Sensitivity 35
Corruption 50
Lust 30
Vulnerability* 10%
Gems Drop 1-5
Items Drop Shriveled Tentacle (100%)
Gender Herm
Species and Family
Species Anemone
Codex Anemone
Body Parts
Height 5' 5"
Skin purple skintone
Hair purple-black tentacles,
1' 8" long
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts B-cup
Vagina Loose, slick vagina
Capacity 48.1 in²
Impregnate? Yes
Locations and More
Location(s) Boat
Interaction Talk

Content Author: Zeikfried

Anemones can be encountered while exploring with the Boat.

Using their tentacles as their main weapon, anemones deal lust damage and can also debuff strength and speed, especially on a highly sensitive Champion.

Ingame Description:
You step into the boat and begin to slip off the mooring rope when you are distracted by a swirl of bright colors under the surface of the lake. As you peer over the side to get a better look at the oscillating mass of greens and purples, the swirl begins drawing closer to the boat as if reciprocating your interest; it grows larger and brighter as it closes the distance. The cloud parts to reveal an attractive feminine face cast in a deep blue shade. It lightens responsively as its gaze takes you in from the depths of two opaque eyes. The confusing mass of colors resolves itself into tresses of two-inch-thick anemone tentacles sprouting from the head in place of hair!

The anemone girl smiles at you flirtatiously as she bobs up to the surface. More out of politeness than anything you smile back, not sure of what to make of her and unused to such unaggressive approaches by the denizens of this place. A bloom of vibrant color offset by the blue outline of her body causes you to lean farther out as your attention refocuses below her waist, where you perceive a smaller ring of tentacles waving at you from behind the head of a hardening penis! Turned on by the attention, the anemone grabs onto the saxboard in an attempt to pull herself up to you, but her added weight on the side overbalances you and pitches you overboard into her waiting tentacles!

The initial surprise subsides to wooly-headedness and a feeling of mild arousal as the stingers in her tentacles find exposed flesh. In panic of drowning you pull free of the ropy mass and backpaddle away from the girl until your feet reassuringly touch the shallows of the lakebed once again and you’re far enough above water to be able to fight.

The anemone is a blue androgyne humanoid of medium height and slender build, with colorful tentacles sprouting on her head where hair would otherwise be. Her feminine face contains two eyes of solid color, lighter than her skin. Two feathery gills sprout from the middle of her chest, along the line of her spine and below her collarbone, and drape over her pair of small B-cup breasts. Though you wouldn’t describe her curves as generous, she sways her girly hips back and forth in a way that contrasts them to her slim waist quite attractively. Protruding from her groin is a blue shaft with its head flanged by diminutive tentacles, and below that is a dark-blue pussy ringed by small feelers. Further down are a pair of legs ending in flat sticky feet; proof of her aquatic heritage. She smiles broadly and innocently as she regards you from her deep eyes.


Spoiler: On the first encounter, Anemone will not attack the Champion unless they possess minotaur cum and refuse to give it.Spoiler: All subsequent encounters will result in a fight unless the Champion offers minotaur cum.


Requires minotaur cum. Will automatically trigger a fight if the Champion is highly addicted to the substance. Refusing to offer it will also trigger a fight but will still give the option later.

If they are slightly addicted or not addicted at all, they may choose to give it as a present. If they do so, with at least 30 lust, they can also have sex with the anemone but only with the first three options.


  • First round: Automatically injects 1 dose of Anemone Venom. The Champion also gains 4 Lust.
  • Physical attack: Normal physical attack. (Deals 45 base damage at default strength and before damage reduction.)
  • Anemone Sting: Injects 1..[5+Sensitivity/20] doses of Anemone Venom, rounded down. Maximum 9 doses.
  • Champion uses Infest: The Anemone chews on the worms, recovering 20 HP.


Victory and present scenes

  • Your ass: Available to all Champions.
  • Your cock: Requires cock of any size.
  • Your vagina: Requires vagina. Results in anemone pregnancy of base 256 hours.

Victory-only scenes

  • Her butt: Requires a cock that fits 48 in².
  • Lay egg: Champion must be able to lay eggs using an ovipositor. Variations depending on ovipositor type.
  • Breast titfuck: Champion must be wearing the Lusty Maiden's Armor, biggest tit size of 4" or more, and have a vagina, as usual.

Defeat scenes

  • You... dead? Available to all Champions. Physical defeat only. (HP must drop to 0 before Lust reaches 100.)
  • Genderless confusion: Champion must be genderless. Variations: lactation; corruption 33. Hero then takes 10 damage (even if below 10) and loses 20 Lust.
  • Anemone Male Fuck: Requires a cock. Variations depending on multicocks, cum production (50, 250, 500, 2000mL), femcum production (500, 2000mL), centaur lower body and tallness (4', 7').
    • If no cock fits within 36 in², Champion loses 1 Libido.
  • Anemone Female Fuck: Must not have a cock, must have a set gender. Variations depending on lactation, tallness (4') and tit size (1"). Gain 1 Libido, 10 Lust, and anemone pregnancy of base 256 hours.
    • While the game does not strictly check for a vagina, it's highly likely the Champion has one unless they've been save-editing. This can, however, lead to a potentially funny glitch.


The following conditions must be met in order to give birth to Kid A. If all conditions are met and she isn't already there, she will appear at Camp the following day. If she is there, she'll lead the baby to the Lake.

  • At least one anemone cock
  • Corruption lower than 25
  • Less than 10 cocks

If the conditions aren't met but there is room for another cock, the Champion will grow a 4..[7]" long, 1.2" thick anemone cock. If they cannot grow another cock, they will gain the Anemone Arousal status instead.

In both cases, if no birth is given once the pregnancy is due, they will gain 2 Libido and 5 Sensitivity.


  • The vaginal capacity and anal capacity given here are inherent to the class and only for informational purposes. They are used as default when the function doesn't explicitly require an area or size.
    • This should go in "Game Mechanics" or a template to prevent redundancy. Calculating VC and AC is hellish, but many NPCs use the default function and thus use default initializers. Example: Goblin.
    • This is also an example of how exhausting absolutely all variations instead of summarizing them would result into a massive amount of work.}}

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