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The Anemone is one of the sapient races of Mareth. The anemone is described in an official codex.

Anemone NPCsEdit

  • Unnamed anemones — Encountered when exploring on the Lake with the Boat.
  • Kid A — An anemone that the Champion can potentially give birth to and raise.
    • Kid A's children — Kid A can impregnate the Hero. The children are only mentioned in passing and never take part in the game.

Becoming an AnemoneEdit

It is not possible to transform into an anemone although you can gain some anemone characteristics:

Shriveled tentacle can cause tentacle hair, gills and apothic blue-black skin.

Having vaginal sex with an anemone may give the Champion an anemone penis, unless Kid A is in their Camp. If she does, she will take the penis(?) away so the newly born anemone can grow up and live an anemone life with others of her kind.

Transformation effectsEdit

  • Tentacle hair unlocks the Anemone Sting special attack.
  • Champion with an anemone penis and a vagina can give birth to Kid A after having vaginal sex with an anemone. Afterwards she can give birth to more anemone children but only with Kid A as the father.

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