Species and Family
Species Harpy
Body Parts
Build Trim and toned
Eyes Sky blue
Skin Rosy
Hair Dirty blonde
Feathers Dirty blonde
Wings Blonde and feathery
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts B-cups
Clothing Blue flannel and shorts
Locations and More
Location(s) Bizarre Bazaar
Interaction Song, Sex
Anita is a harpy who can be found at The Black Cock in the Bizarre Bazaar. She is married to Harry, the restaurant's cook.

Upon seeing the champion, she will offer to sing for 5 gems, but the champion notices how her body language implies she'd be up for a little more activity...

Interactions Edit

Song Edit

If the champion pays her to sing, Anita will sing a sexual version of She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain while dancing. The bar's patrons cheer and sing along, and the PC finds themself aroused by the display. Listening to her song increases Lust.

Sex Edit

Three options are available for champions with sufficient Lust.

  • Eagle Fuck: Requires wings. Anita and the champion take flight and then orally service each other while falling towards the ground.
  • Vaginal: Requires a penis.
  • Sixty Nine: Self-explanatory. Anita will have additional dialogue for champions with a vagina.