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Species and Family
Species God
Body Parts
Height 18' (???)
Build Strong build, not overly muscled
Face avian with predatory bird beak
Tongue long tongue
Eyes light turquoise irises, with a darker turquoise colored sclera
Ears Gryphon-like ears.
Arms human-like
Hands human-like
Legs bird-like
Feet predatory bird-like
Hair crest of golden, orange and red feathers
Feathers display in a colorful array, being predominantly light green in arms, legs, back and sides, and golden in the head, with dark turquoise in his underbelly and neck, with purple details in the tip of his wings and tail.
Wings four-winged, with a pattern starts with gold, gradually fades to light green, ends in turquoise
Tail light turquoise feathers, ends with golden feathers
Clothing purple robes with golden details and amethyst jewels, and white shirt and dark brown pants.
Jewelry gold bracelets on both arms
Locations and More
Occupation God of Fire and Storm
Location(s) Glacial Rift
Anzu, an avian deity, who escaped from his former world, after getting in a feud with the major gods in his realm, whose powers diminished in his travel to Mareth. He will be found in the Glacial Rift if the Champion is above level 16. Even being a deity, he has no interest in the Marae-Lethice war. Pretty selfish, like most non-benevolent deities, will only care about his personal interests or the ones that he really appreciates.

"Demons boast about huge orgies and atrocious acts against innocent beings, but I’ve been doing it well for two thousand years."

Anzu was a middle-rank deity in a council of fifty gods that ruled a realm very distant from Mareth. In the realm he was respected and worshipped as the god of fire and storm. Eventually his ambition made him try to take over the place of a major god in the council. When his plan failed, he was hunted by the gods in the council, forcing him to flee in self imposed exile to another realm.

After examining his possibilities, he chose Mareth as his new home. Quickly he gathered all his things which could aid him in the new land, but when he was about to open the portal, the gods of the council stormed his location. With few options, Anzu was forced to sacrifice most of his power, liberating a monstrous quantity of energy which managed to destroy many of the lesser gods that were sent to capture him. Anzu hastily opened the portal to Mareth, and after reaching, destroyed it, preventing any being from crossing over to come after him.

The portal left Anzu in the Glacial Rift when he hurriedly searched for a place to establish himself. Before reaching Mareth he learnt of the state of war between the goddess Marae and Lethice, queen of the demons. Seeing how his arrival place was far from the most inhabited zones, he wandered in the rift until he found a huge palace inhabited by valkyries. They, confusing him with a new kind of giant by his size, attacked him instantly. Anzu defeated them easily, and after clearing the area from giants and valkyries, took the palace as his new home.

Fifteen years after his arrival, a certain Champion decided to wander in the rift and eventually found his palace...