Apparels are items that can be worn. The main purpose of armour is to reduce the damage taken while undergarments can either provide small amounts of defense or sexiness, or even both!

Clothes Edit

Clothes take up armour slot and they generally don't offer protection. They're mostly just for cosmetic but some can grant perks too.

Clothes Name Value Defense Weight Notes
Ballroom Dress
Bimbo Skirt Grants Slutty Seduction perk and may cause tit size to grow.
Bondage Straps Grants Slutty Seduction perk.
Classy Suitclothes
Comfortable Clothes The player starts with this.
Green Adventurer's Clothes
Modest Robes
Nurse's Outfit Grants Slutty Seduction perk.
Red, High-Society Bodysuit Given from Raphael. Allows usage of Misdirection while worn.
Rubber Fetish Clothes Grants Slutty Seduction perk.
Semi-transparent Bodysuit
Tight Leather Pants
Slutty Swimwear Grants Slutty Seduction perk.
Wizard's Robes

Armour Edit

Armour is designed to provide protection by reducing damage taken.

Armour Name Value Defense Weight Notes
Bee Armor Made using 5 Bee Chitins.
Chainmail Armor
Chainmail Bikini
Dragonscale Armor Made using 5 dragonscales.
Dragonscale Robes
Ebonweave Jacket
Ebonweave Platemail
Ebonweave Robe
Gel Armor Made using 5 Green Gel
Indecent Steel Armor
Inquisitor's Corset Grants Blood Mage and Slutty Seduction perk.
Inquisitor's Robes Grants Blood Mage perk.
Leather Armor
Black Leather Robes
Platemail Armor
Samurai Armor
Scalemail Armor
Scandalously Seductive Armor Trapped armour, randomly dropped when the PC has the first fetish.
Spider-Silk Armor Made using 5 Tough Spider-Silk
Spider-Silk Robes Made using 5 Tough Spider-Silk. Grants Wizard's Endurance perk.
Wizard's Robes Grants Wizard's Endurance perk.

Undergarments Edit

Undergarments are divided into two types: Top and bottom.

Top Undergarment Name Value Defense Sexiness
Comfortable Bra
Spider-Silk Bra
Dragonscale Bra
Ebonweave Corset
Ebonweave Vest
Latex Bra
Bottom Undergarment Name Value Defense Sexiness
Comfortable Loincloth
Comfortable Panties
Fur Loincloth
Dragonscale Loincloth
Dragonscale Thong
Ebonweave Jockstrap
Ebonweave Loincloth
Ebonweave Thong
Latex Thong
Latex Shorts
Runed Ebonweave Jockstrap
Runed Ebonweave Loincloth
Runed Ebonweave Thong
Spider-Silk Loincloth
Spider-Silk Panties

<big>Several different wearable [[items]] sold by [[Greta|Greta's]] Garments in [[Bizarre Bazaar]]</big>