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Asa Mali
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Plant-morph
Body Parts
Skin Shifting between browns and muted greens
Hair Branches growing from the back of her head
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Large
Clothing Leaves and moss, hard to tell what's her "skin" and what are clothes
Locations and More
Location(s) Tel'Adre (on the street)
Tower of Tel'Adre
Interaction Talk
"Let me formally introduce myself. I am Inquisitor Asa Mali, officiator of security in Tel'Adre. I work closely with the city guard and serve as arbiter when determining punishment for crimes in the city. In addition I work personally to resolve situations that may arise in which the city guard is for whatever reason not capable of contributing normally."

Ingame Description:
The plant woman Asa Mali, or Alissyn del Aliana, is one of the Mages of the Covenant and the Inquisitor of Tel'Adre. When you meet her, she is working on the case featured in the Dominika Quest.


Ingame Description:
The woman before you (presuming it's a woman, of course – you have learned by now to never be certain until you see their naked body) has a face unlike any you've seen before. Immediately you think to yourself, "she is a plant", and as you take in her appearance you don't see any contrary evidence. Her skin shifts between browns and muted greens, and branches grow crooked and straight from the back of her head, dying leaves dangling from them. You realize as you look at her that indeed, she looks as though she is grown from various points on her body, plantlife twisting and forming out from it. You recognize quickly that her shoulder has grown her arm, which in turn has grown leaves to make form and shape around it. Her face has multiple such points, meeting imperfectly in her features – her nose slightly squished, her lips split into two sections that touch at the middle. Still though, she has an ethereal beauty to her. Abnormally plush and full moss wraps around the back of her neck and down her chest like a coat's fur lining, hiding her large breast's nipple. Or perhaps the leaves covering her arms and chest are clothing and not skin? It's impossible to tell. You are certain that the flowing skirt growing from her hips is clothing at least, for you can see the hint of a leg. She shifts her weight onto it and clears her throat, and you realize how much you've been staring and taking her body in.

First encounterEdit

Walking the streets of Tel'Adre on your way home after visiting Dominika, you are approached by a strange-looking plant woman. She presents herself as a representative of the Tel'Adre authorities and asks if you happen to have information about a mysterious person who goes by the name "Dominika". Still heavily influenced by Domnika's magic you are unable to give any details but you promise to contact her if you have more information.

First visitEdit

If you have acquired the Inscribed Spellblade and visit the Tower of Tel'Adre carrying it either as your weapon or in your inventory, you get the option of asking Quinn about Asa Mali. He will take her to her quarters and she will invite you in for tea and a chat.

If you have the spellblade in your inventory, she will receive it and thank you for your help. She will advise you not to meet Dominika again.

If you carry the spellblade as your weapon, she will not notice it but urge you to seek out Dominika and try to secure some object she has cast her spell on.

Later visitsEdit

On later visits, she will invite you for tea, but apart from a nice chat nothing happens unless you have the spellblade in your inventory. If you do, she will receive it, thank you for your help and advise you not to meet Dominika again.

After you have given her the spellblade, you can visit her for tea whenever you like but nothing happens, at least not yet. The rest of the Dominika Quest hasn't been added to the game yet.

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