Ascension is a New Game plus mechanic. Once you defeat Lethice, the final boss of the main story, you have the opportunity to ascend. This will restart the game with stats carried over.

Ingame Description:
It's time for you to ascend. You walk to the center of the camp, announce that you're going to ascend to a higher plane of existence, and lay down.

Your fellow companions come to witness.

You begin to glow; you can already feel yourself leaving your body and you announce your departure.

"Sweetie, I'm going to miss you. See you in the next playthrough," Marble says, tears leaking from her eyes.

The world around you slowly fades to black and stars dot the endless void. You have ascended.

The world around you suddenly becomes small and irrelevant. Around you is an endless void dotted with stars. You encompass everything and everything encompasses you.

What Carries Over and What Doesn't? Edit

This is the list of things that get carried over and the list of things that don't.

What carries over?Edit

  • Current level, Experience, and Gems
  • Items, including stashed items (access to the dresser is limited)
  • Combat attributes
  • Perks
  • Minor transformations (Ears and tail (although minor transformations carry over, that might not count if your inhuman race score takes influence at your race since the new reincarnation has to be human!))
  • Champion's gender (Extra endowments will be removed, however. You can be a hermaphrodite.)

What doesn't carry over?Edit

  • Children and NPCs
  • Storyline progress
  • Piercings

Ascension Points Edit

As you ascend, you gain Ascension Points. These can be spent on perks. These perks are permanent and grant you buffs. The following actions will earn you Ascension Points.

General Edit

  • For every 2 levels you gain, you will gain 1 AP. This is instantly added to your AP, unlike other methods which are actually awarded upon ascension.
  • For each follower, lover, and slave you have in your camp, you gain 1 AP.

Dungeons Edit

Quests Edit

Children Edit

The formula goes as following:

$ AP ~ = ~ (F + D + Q) + \sqrt{C} $

Where F is the number of followers, lovers, and slaves currently in your camp, D is a number of points from dungeons, Q is the amount of points from quests, and C is the number of children.

Perks Edit

As of version 1.2.18, there are nine different perks. For the first 5 ranks, the cost increases by 1 point up to a maximum of 5 points per rank thereafter.

Perk Maximum rank Effects
Desires 10 Increases maximum lust by 5 per rank.
Endurance 10 Increases maximum fatigue by 5 per rank.
Fertility 15 Increases fertility rating by 5 per rank.
Fortune None Increases gem gains by 10% per rank. This is the only perk with no maximum rank.
Moral Shifter 10 All corruption gains and losses are increased by 20% per rank.
Mysticality 10 Increases spell effect multiplier by 5% per rank, stacks multiplicatively.
Tolerance 20 Increases corruption tolerance by 5 and reduces corruption requirement for certain scenes by 5 per rank.
Virility 15 Increases virility rating by 5 per rank.
Wisdom 5 Increases experience gains by 10% per rank.

Note that after attaining certain ranks in Tolerance perk, certain NPCs who would leave your camp due to high corruption will eventually no longer leave your camp even at 100 corruption.

New Game+ Tiers Edit

After the ascension, the level of New Game+ is increased by 1. The overall difficulty caps out at New Game+4, after which the levels of all encounters are increased by 120. This includes bosses and sparrable NPCs.

New Game+ Additional Levels Additional HP
0 (NG) 0 0
1 (NG+) 30 1000
2 (NG++) 60 2000
3 (NG+++) 90 3000
4 (NG+4) 120 4000
5+ (NG+5+) 120 4000