The Bakery is a shop in Tel'Adre that specializes in selling various pastry goods, complete with small chairs and tables for customers to sit and eat.

Ingame Description:
You approach the bakery, but it appears to be sunk below the street level. The entrance isn't even a set of doors — it's a double-wide ramp that takes you below ground level. The passage leads directly into the bakery's interior, allowing unobstructed traffic to flow in and out from the cozy, underground building. The smell of yeasty bread, sweet treats, and fluffy snacks seems to even permeate the bricks of this place. If it were shut down, you have no doubt it would smell delicious for weeks if not months. You get in line and look at the menu while you wait.


The Champion can buy the following goods at the bakery:

  • Brownies — Costs 3 gems, increase Thickness by +4, rare chance to increase Thigh Width.
  • Cookies — Costs 4 gems, decreases Muscle Tone by -1, increases Thickness by +2, increases Thigh Width.
  • Cupcakes — Costs 3 gems, decreases Muscle Tone by -4, increases Ass Size.
  • Doughnuts — Costs 5 gems, increase Thickness by +1, decreases Muscle Tone by -2, increases Ass Size, increases Hip Width.
  • Pound Cake — Costs 4 gems, increase Thickness by +2, decreases Muscle Tone by -2, increases Thigh Width, increases Ass Size.
  • Holiday Pudding — Costs 35 gems, only available after meeting Kami, can give Champion antlers.


The Champion may also choose to purchase ingredients rather than baked goods. These ingredients, intended for cooking, can instead be eaten raw to transform the player into another species.

Special pastriesEdit

The bakery also has a rare chance to provide the Hero with access to the Madeleine mini-quest. If completed "the right way", this adds the Giant chocolate cupcake to the list of available goods. Maddie also shows up at times when Shouldra forces her way to the bakery.

  • Giant Chocolate Cupcake — Costs 500 gems, increases Thickness to 100 and decreases Muscle Tone to 0.

Champions who are Minotaur Cum addicts can also buy a "Special" eclair for 10 gems. Eclair has Minotaur Cum addiction effects.

  • "Special" Eclair — Costs 10 gems, only available to Champions with the Minotaur Cum addiction.


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