Level 12
Hit Points 390
Strength 85
Toughness 70
Speed 35
Intelligence 70
Libido 50
Sensitivity 35
Corruption 60
Lust 30
Vulnerability* 50%
Gems Drop 10-19
Items Drop Reptilum (90%)
nothing (10%)
Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Basilisk (race)
Body Parts
Height 6'2"
Legs Lizard-like
Skin Grey scales
Hair Bald
Tail Cow-like
Sexual Make-Up
Testes two 2" balls
Impregnate? Yes
Weapon Claws (30)
Armor Scales (10)
Locations and More
Location(s) High Mountain
Interaction Combat
Basilisk is a male reptile-like creature found in the High Mountain.

Although not seemingly sexually active, they will mate with victims who are in heat or are egg-layers and leave other victims in precarious positions.

In combat, a basilisk can counter physical attacks with a movement reduction effect (-20 speed) over time. This will eventually lead to a Bad End.

Sexual characteristics Hip rating 3 (slender) Butt rating 4 (average)

On approach
You notice a large boulder ahead. There is something curiously shaped about it. A small, wet grey shape on it catches your eye...

You look away in the nick of time, and ready yourself to fight as the basilisk slides from its hiding place and advances upon you, its deadly eyes and sharp claws glinting coldly in the sunlight.

At the beginning of the fight
You are fighting a basilisk! From what you can tell while not looking directly at it, the basilisk is a male reptilian biped standing a bit over 6' tall. It has a thin but ropy build, its tightly muscled yellow underbelly the only part of its frame not covered in those deceptive, camouflaging grey-green scales. A long, whip-like tail flits restlessly through the dirt behind its skinny legs, and sharp sickle-shaped index claws decorate each hand and foot. You don't dare to look at its face, but you have the impression of a cruel jaw, a blunt lizard snout and a crown of dull spines.


  • Physical attack: Normal physical attack. Deals 115 base damage at default strength and before damage reduction.
  • Basilisk Compulsion: Rolls Intelligence/5 + 0..[20]. If the roll is lower than 24, the Champion gains 3 Lust, loses 20 Speed and gets Basilisk Compulsion status until combat ends, draining 20 Speed every round.
  • Tail Swipe: Special physical attack with a weapon attack of 20. The Champion's armor defense is randomized like natural armor. (Deals 105 base damage at default strength and before damage reduction.)

Getting defeated will cause the Champion to lose 3 speed and gain 399 Lust.



Not available to genderless characters.

  • Tongue
  • Ass: Requires at least 66 corruption and a cock that fits in his anus (36 in²).
  • Lay Eggs: Requires a bee or spider ovipositor and eggs to lay.


  • Bad End: Speed lower than 5. Not necessarily induced by Basilisk Compulsion if speed was very low prior to the fight.
  • Basilisk Pregnancy: Requires vagina and one of the following — Heat status, Oviposition perk, Basilisk Womb perk or ongoing reptile pregnancy.
    • Causes a severe basilisk pregnancy for 250 hours. If an ongoing reptile pregnancy was found, causes a severe basilisk pregnancy for 100 hours and adds more eggs.
  • Basilisk Rape: Default. The basilisk leaves the Champion naked and paralyzed, wide open for other monsters to use. Equal chances for all scenes (20%).
    • Paralyzed — Forever alone: Nothing finds you.
    • Paralyzed — Goblin: Dildo rape if female. Cow-tipping variation with a centaur lower body.
    • Paralyzed — Harpy: Hand rape if female. Momma Sophie comes and puts 20 doses of luststick on cock if male.
    • Paralyzed — Minotaur: Ass rape.
    • Paralyzed — Imp: Oral rape.

Other AppearancesEdit

Benoit — A friendly blind basilisk who runs a store at the Bizarre Bazaar.

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