Level 30
Hit Points 2000
Strength 100
Toughness 100
Speed 80
Intelligence 70
Libido 15
Sensitivity 10
Corruption 55
Lust 0
Vulnerability* 0.15
Gems Drop 250
Items Drop Scimitar
Nickname Bazaar Guard
Bazaar Gatekeeper
Skills Cross-slash attack
Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Human
Breed Demon-morph
Codex Demon (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 10'00''
Build Muscular
Face Huma


Eyes Solid black, irises included
Ears Human
Arms Human
Hands Human
Legs Human
Feet Human
Skin Crimson
Hair Black, 8" long
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Flats
Clothing Tunic and loose-fitting pants, sky blue turban
Weapon Dual scimitars (16 atk


Armor Tunic and pants (0 def)
Locations and More
Occupation Bazaar Gatekeeper
Location(s) Bizarre Bazaar
Interaction Approach/Talk, Fight

Content Author: Unknown

The Bazaar Guard is a tall, imposing demon-morph who guards the entrance to the Bizarre Bazaar. He stands outside the entrance to the bazaar, ensuring anyone who tries to enter has a corruption score of at least 33. Curiously enough, once someone has entered, he doesn't block them if their score falls below 33.

If the Champion has a score below 33, they can fight the guard to gain entry. The guard is the hardest enemies there is due to his high level and HP. He even surpasses Lethice, who is only level 25 with 1080 HP. In spite of this, he is not a very difficult opponent to beat due to his lack of special attacks. A champion with good enough Armor and HP will be able to beat him.

Once the guard has been defeated, the champion will be able to freely enter the Bazaar as so pleased.

Bazaar Guard
There’s only one gap in the fence – a narrow gate watched by a ten-foot tall man with red skin and a pale, almost sky-blue turban. He has a pair of scimitars that hang from a simple, leather belt. The crimson-skinned man’s clothing is a simple tunic and loose-fitting pants, but neither can conceal his obviously well-muscled frame. He looks alert and attentive – a good sign since demons would have little need to post guards.

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown why the guard is considered a demon morph, as his demon score is only 2. High corruption only counts if the being has normal skin, and unusual eyes aren't counted at all.

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