Level 4
Hit Points 110
Strength 30
Toughness 30
Speed 30
Intelligence 20
Libido 60
Sensitivity 55
Corruption 0
Lust 22
Vulnerability* 0.9
Gems Drop 9
Nickname Bee-handmaiden
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Giant Bees
Codex Giant Bee (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 4'11"
Build Thin
Face Human
Lips luscious black lips that glimmer wetly
Tongue Human
Eyes Black
Ears Human
Arms Human, covered in black chitin
Hands Human, covered in black chitin, looks like gloves
Legs Human, covered in black chitin
Feet Human, covered in black chitin, looks like boots
Skin Yellow
Hair 6" black and yellow
Facial Hair None
Antennae Black antennae
Wings Small, bee-like
Tail Bee abdomen
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts DD-Cup
Vagina Human, non-virgin, slavering
Capacity Gaping
Ovipositor? Yes
Armor Chitin (9 def)
Locations and More
Occupation Fertile Caste or
Bee handmaiden
Location(s) Forest
Interaction Talk
Content Author: Unknown

That’s when she comes into view. A great woman, yellow and black, a Bee-like handmaiden would be the best comparison. She sits atop a great flower while humming her tune, happily picking the petals off of another flower. Her body is thin, save her abdomen. Her head is more humanoid than bee, with black eyes, antennae, and luscious black lips that glimmer wetly, bending into a smile as she sees you approach. Standing, she welcomes you in, her wings giving a small buzz as her arms spread open for a welcoming embrace.

A possible encounter in the Forest, the bee-girl is a member of the the Fertile Caste of giant bees and has been confirmed (by Word of Fenoxo) to be the same bee-girl each time the Hero encounters her. While not hostile towards the Champion, she does want to fulfill her duties to the hive by having them incubate a load of bee eggs.

Upon encountering the bee-girl, the Champion with high corruption and libido (total above 140) may be hypnotized by the bee-girl's humming wings and submit to being anally implanted with eggs. If they are not entranced then they are given the option to: attack the bee-girl, talk to her, or run away.

The Champion who had read the Traveler's Guide may randomly (based on the intelligence stat) be warned that they are about to encounter the bee-girl. They are given the choice to proceed, with proceeding resulting in the usual "hypnosis check."

The first time the bee-girl is talked to she exhibits surprise that the Champion wouldn't want to just let her implant her eggs — idly explaining that's what her duty is for the hive. The Hero is given the choice to either: voluntarily let her implant them or leave. On subsequent conversations, the bee-girl may either have eggs (repeats offer to implant) or be out of eggs, yet horny — offering them a chance to perform cunnilingus on her; if they accept this offer, she will give them a bottle of pure honey as a thank-you.

The bee-girl is not an easy opponent for an underprepared Champion. She is quick, good at evading attacks, does high damage against poorly armored targets, has an estimated 130 hit points, and has a special sting attack that lowers Strength & Speed while increasing Lust. If the bee-girl is fought, she can randomly drop a white book, bee honey, oviposition elixir or a piece of black chitin. If she beats the Champion, she will not implant eggs in them.

Breastfeeding a bee-girl makes them always drop honey (regular or pure).

When initiating the 'Rape' scene with a bee-girl, depending on your attributes more options may appear. If male / herm with one penis, a standard vaginal penetration will occur. Two penises will give the Champion to start with vaginal penetration with one penis before shoving the other one into her anus as well. If they have the naga tail, they can wrap themselves around the bee-girl and scare her into giving them a blow job. If the Hero has sufficient corruption (90+), they will get the 'Self Egg' option, where they shove her stinger into her vagina and her ovipositor into her anus, forcing her to lay eggs in herself.

If the Champion is sufficiently transformed into a bee-morph, they will gain an ovipositor and have access to ovipositor scenes.

Sex scenesEdit


  • Anal Implantation — Same scene as if Champion was originally overwhelmed.


  • Use Cock — penis
  • Use Cocks — multiple penises
  • Use Vagina — vagina
  • Herm Style — penis and vagina
  • Naga — full Naga TF; penis
  • Self Egg — 90+ corruption
  • Drider Ovipositor — Drider Ovipositor
  • Breast Feed — Feeder Perk.

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