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Bee-morph Score
Transformative: Bee Honey
If you have Add Comments
Shiny black hair 1
Black and yellow hair 2
Antennae 1 or 2 Add 2 if you have a normal human face, 1 if you don't
Insectile carapace legs 1 or 2 Add 2 if you have a vagina, 1 if you don't
Bee abdomen 1
Small bee wings 1
Large bee wings 1 or 2 Information is unclear whether this adds 1 or 2 to your bee score
A Bee-morph is a person who has been partially but not completely transformed into a giant bee. It is one of the many sapient species that can be found in Mareth.

Bee-morph NPCsEdit

There are no bee-morph NPCs in the game. There is however one true giant bee.

Becoming a Bee-morphEdit

To be classified as a bee-morph, the Champion needs to have a bee score of 4 or higher. Also, there are several other transformative scores that take precedence over the bee score and they can't have any of those high enough to qualify for one of those morphs.

All transformations needed to increase the bee score are achieved by eating bee honey. There are two different kinds of bee honey but when it comes to transformative effects, they are exactly the same.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit

There are neither any advantages or disadvantages directly related to becoming a bee-morph. It's all about how you look.

However, some of the factors that determines your bee score also have other effects:

  • Hair color affects several other aspects of the game, although only in minor ways.
  • Having a bee abdomen unlocks the Sting special attack.
  • Large bee wings give you the ability to fly and that again gives you a small advantage when fighting the Encapsulation Pod.
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