Level 25
Hit Points 1050
Lust 15
Gender Male
Species and Family
Codex Behemoth
Body Parts
Height 9'0"
Build Muscular
Face Feline-like
Skin Purple
Hair Yellow
Clothing Red loincloth
Locations and More
Location(s) Volcanic Crag
Interaction Fight
Get Cum

You are fighting the Behemoth:
Before you stands a hulking behemoth, about nine feet tall, with a feline face and long forward-pointing horns that leave him looking even larger. The hair on his head is black, though it quickly transitions into a blond mane that follows along his back and to his tail, and the rest of his muscular body is covered with purple fur. Dark spines protrude from his back, and though he carries no weaponry and wears only an elegant red loincloth, his fierce claws leave him plenty intimidating.

The Behemoth is a feline-like creature inhabiting the fiery landscape of the Volcanic Crag. Living in a self-made camp in the less-hostile parts of the desolate lands, sheltering himself after arriving in Mareth through a portal, much like the Champion.

Once the Champion meets him, several interactions become available, like Sparring or chatting with him.  

If the Champion has a vagina, they can become pregnant and bear his child. Though, the character can only become pregnant if they are 'pure' (<25 corruption). You can have up to 3 children with the Behemoth. 

If the Champion has had sex with the Behemoth for at least two times, the Champion can ask the Behemoth about his cum in which he will offer Behemoth Cum, a consumable that will satisfy hunger and increase Toughness and Strength.