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A sealed bottle of Behemoth Cum is given to the Champion from the Behemoth after inquiring about his cum.

A Sealed Bottle of Behemoth Cum, when consumed
You uncork the bottle and drink the behemoth cum; it tastes great and by the time you’ve finished drinking, you feel a bit stronger.

Behemoth Cum
General Information
Type Consumable
Usage Healing
Changes Restores Health to Champion
Raises Strength by 1
Raises Toughness by 1
Merchant Information
Sell Value 15
Locations Found
Found At Volcanic Crag
Drop From Behemoth

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This bottle of behemoth cum looks thick and viscous. You suspect that it might boost your strength and toughness. It also has delicious taste.

Stats Edit

  • Effects: Restores 15 hunger.
  • Effects: Restores 172 health.
  • Value: 15