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Bimbo Jojo
Nickname Joy
Variant Jojo
Corrupt Jojo
Bimbo Jojo (Joy)
Tentacle Jojo
Gender Female / Herm
Species and Family
Species Mouse-morph
Body Parts
Build curvy
Face curvy and feminine, with puffy lips and long eyelashes
Eyes blue and regard you with desire and happiness
Ears mouse-like
Torso nice handful of ass, with supportive hips that give her a very sexy hourglass figure
Feet mouse-like rear paws
Fur platinum blond
Tail mouse-like tail
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts DD-cup
Pregnant? Yes
Clothing monk robes that barely manage to contain her breasts, uses praying beads as a belt, pair of tight fitting shorts, walks barefoot.
Weapon unremarkable wooden staff
Locations and More
Location(s) Camp

Content Author: LukaDoc and Quiet Browser

Bimbo Jojo was added in v1.3.

"I’m (hic) sorry, Champion... but I couldn’t stop the thief... The thief managed to outwit me — stole the [bimbo] liqueur and almost made off with it. But I managed to beat them, though; I couldn’t catch them, but I could stop them from winning. At one point, I managed to grab the bottle off of them... so I drank it myself!"


Ingame Description:
Joy, formerly known as Jojo, stands before you. Her face is curvy and feminine, with puffy lips and long eyelashes. Her eyes are blue and regard you with desire and happiness. She's currently posing and suckling on the tip of her ropy tail as you gaze at her.

She's wearing monk robes that barely manage to contain her - DD-Cups you estimate - breasts, it seems that at the slightest move those pillowy orbs will burst out from their hiding place; you can even see her perky nipples occasionally poke from under her robes. She's barely managing to hold it closed by using her praying beads as a belt. Looking a bit lower you see a nice handful of ass, with supportive hips that give her a very sexy hourglass figure. She's cut her pants into a pair of tight fitting shorts and walks barefoot on her mousy footpaws.

Her weapon of choice is an unremarkable wooden staff, although you only see her use it to pose and tease you; running it between her breasts or between her legs and even licking it sometimes... Whenever she gets a reaction from you, she giggles girlishly.

When first transformed, Joy is a herm with DD-cup breasts and a 5.5 inch long cock. Her features can be altered by items as detailed below, but her bimbo body and own powers will prevent changes from going too far.


After three days, the next time the Champion leaves and returns to the Camp, Jojo will approach and give a warning that he has chased away a thief who was after the liqueur, but that he believes the thief will be back.

A choice must be made for Jojo to either attempt to catch the thief or to guard the stash.

Catch ThiefEdit

  • A Bimbo Liqueur is removed from the stash as soon as this option is selected.

When the Champion next leaves and returns to the camp after a day has passed since the decision was made to catch the thief, Jojo will again approach the Champion. He relays that the thief almost managed to steal the liqueur, so, to prevent the thief from succeeding, Jojo drank it himself.

Jojo will then proceed to transform under the effects of the liqueur into Joy.

Guard StashEdit

Jojo will agree to keep a better eye on the stash after the Champion convinces him the liqueur is merely an expensive bottle of alcohol. The thief will not reappear.

If after this, the Champion visits Jojo while having a bottle of Bimbo Liqueur in their inventory, there will be a new option allowing them to trick Jojo into consuming the liqueur, causing the same transformation into Joy. Doing this will cause the Champion to gain 2 points of Corruption.


Ingame Description:
Jojo doubles over and groans; you watch helpless as his fur changes from white to platinum blonde. He sprawls on the floor and you can see his lips getting fuller, his eyelashes longer and his chest begins expanding; a tearing sound rips through the air, as Jojo's new pillowy boobs rip his robes apart, perky nipples erect.

You see his pants suddenly become much less baggy as his butt, hips and thighs grow; his whole figure shifts towards the feminine and a ripping sound confirms his pants have also torn up somewhere.

Finally, Jojo stops shaking, breathing deeply, his physique now very much feminized. You can't think of anything else to do but ask if, "she" is okay. Jojo looks up at you, a comical expression on his now-feminine features, blinks a few times, and belches loudly, then giggles girlishly. "Like... I feel super-great, Champion! Whoah, what a trip! I feel, like, all floaty-tingly, ya know?"


Joy can be asked to train the Champion's Strength, Toughness or Speed. Unlike training with Pure Jojo this does not need to be unlocked, but also will not be able to teach the Controlled Breath, Cleansing Palm or Enlightened Perks.

If the Champion's Lust is 70 or higher, training will be refused and Joy will offer sex instead.

Assuming that the Champion does not have too much lust, each training session costs 40 Fatigue. If the Champion has less than that remaining, training will be refused until the Champion has rested or otherwise reduced fatigue.

Strength TrainingEdit

Joy will decide to have the Champion lift her up for strength training.

  • At low strength(33 or less) the Champion ends up dropping her after a short period of lifting.
  • At middling strength(34-66), the Champion succeeds in lifting her throughout the session until she starts teasing with her tail. This gives an increase of 20 points to Lust.
  • At high strength(67+), after Joy starts teasing with her tail again(increasing Lust by 20 points), the Champion starts throwing her up in the air until she starts feeling sick, before putting her down.

Toughness TrainingEdit

Joy will initially consider just using sex to build up the Champions toughness, but when that idea is turned down, decides on giving a somewhat sexy massage finished with hard jabs into the Champion's muscles to toughen them up.

  • At low toughness(33 or less), the Champion can't bear the pain (taking 30 HP damage), so Joy ends the session and gives the Champion a kiss to make it better.
  • At middling toughness(34-66), the Champion is able to bear the pain for some time (taking 20 HP damage) before having to end the session. Joy again gives the Champion a kiss as an incentive to repeat the training later.
  • At high toughness(67+), the Champion is able to endure the pain until Joy finishes without taking damage. Joy again kisses the Champion and gets more into it before stopping, wanting the Champion to keep coming back and admitting that she enjoys rubbing herself over the Champion.

Speed TrainingEdit

Joy retrieves an almost overflowing cup of water, giving it to the Champion to hold onto while she suddenly pulls them into a dance.

  • At low speed(33 or less), the Champion swiftly manages to drop the entire cup. Joy is disappointed but say that they can always try again.
  • At middling speed(34-66), the Champion manages to follow the dance, but spills some of the water.
  • At high speed(67+), the Champion hardly spills more than a drop, and teases Joy about dancing with her again.

Stat GainEdit

Stat gain is based on the current value of the stat being trained, with a greater gain at lower values.

  • 33 and under - Gain 2 points.
  • 34-66 - Gain 1.5 points.
  • 67-89 - Gain 1 point.
  • 90+ - Gain 0.5 points.


If the Champion asks Joy to meditate, she will start by sitting in the Champions lap.

If the Champion is possessed by Exgartuan, a small scene will occur where Exgartuan demands for Joy to stimulate the part it is possessing. Joy starts to do so but very quickly manages to exorcise Exgartuan from the Champion. Joy will then return to attempting meditation.

Joy has a chance of successfully meditating of (her intelligence + 20)%.

Successful MeditationEdit

If successful, the scene is based on the Champions Corruption and Libido. It ends with Joy falling asleep in the Champions Lap.

If the Champion has already meditated that day, Lust will be reduced by 30 points, along with a message that it has not been long enough since the last session to benefit much from the session.

The first successful meditation of the day will reduce the Champion's lust by 30 and reduce libido by 1. It will increase Strength, Toughness, Speed and Intelligence by 1 point each up to a maximum of 45 for strength and toughness, 75 for speed and 80 for intelligence.

Corruption is reduced by 5 points if over 80, 4 points if between 61-80, 3 points if between 41-60 and 2 points if 40 or below. The reduction of corruption is itself reduced by the number of alabaster Cock-socks worn by the Champion, 1 point per sock.

Joy's intelligence is increased by 1 point up to the maximum of 50 for the first successful meditation of the day.

Failed MeditationEdit

If failed, Joy is too horny to meditate, and asks the Champion for sex instead. The Champion gains lust of 20 +1/5th libido +1/10th corruption.

The Champion can accept, in which case they are taken to Joy's sex menu, with their lust set to 33 if it was still below that.

If the Champion declines, Joy tries to beg sexily, causing another increase of lust of 20 +1/10th libido +1/10th corruption before they leave.


Joy can be given a number of items.

  • If Joy's intelligence is below 50, she can be given Scholar's Tea to increase her intelligence. It will increase by 2 points if her intelligence is below 40 otherwise it will increase by 1 point, up to the maximum of 50.
  • Purified Incubi draft can be given to restore her cock if it has been removed, or increase it's length by 1 inch up to the maximum of 8.5 inches. She will still drink drafts beyond that, but will decide it is too big and use her powers to reduce it back down to the maximum length. She will refuse unpurified incubi drafts.
  • Purified Succubi milk can be given to increase vaginal wetness and breast size up to the maximum of G-cups. She will still drink milk beyond that, but will decide they are too big and use her powers to reduce their size back to G-cups. She will refuse unpurified succubi milk.
  • Joy can be given a Pink Egg to remove her cock. If the Champion's corruption is below 25 they will gain 1 point of corruption for making her eat it.
  • Joy can be given a Blue Egg in an attempt to remove her breasts. However due to her bimbo body, her breasts immediately regrow to their minimum size of DD-cups. She will refuse any further blue eggs.
  • Lactaid may be given to Joy, causing her to produce milk that the Champion will then drink from her. This refills hunger, restores HP(50 +1/5th maxHP), raises lust(20 +1/5th libido, reduces corruption(3 points if over 66, 2 points if over 33, 1 point otherwise) and reduces libido(3 points if over 66, 2 points if over 33, 1 point otherwise).
  • Reducto can be given to Joy to reduce her breast size or cock length. It will not reduce breast size below DD-cups nor cock length to less than 5.5 inches.


  • After being transformed, Joy is no longer able to keep guard at night at the Camp, and will stop doing so if she was already assigned as a guard.
  • Joy's intelligence is tracked in the Stats panel. It is initially set to 20 after the transformation, but can be raised by successful meditation or imbibing Scholar's Tea. It can be raised to a maximum of 50, 10 points less than her intelligence as Jojo.
  • Values for training and meditation taken from the source code of v1.3.25.
  • The time required for the initial events to occur is based on the Champion not having any events that skip time forward by more than the standard hour. Each such event will only be counted as a single hour of progress.

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