Bimbo Skirt
General Information
Type Clothing
Usage Combat
Boosts Defense +1
Tease +10
Min Lust +10*
Changes Femininity
Merchant Information
Buy Value 50
Sell Value 25
Locations Found
Bought From Tailor
Chilly Smith

Content Author: Fenoxo* and Losdivo*

The Bimbo Skirt is one of several clothings available in Mareth. It's can be bought at Tel'Adre or the Chilly Smith. It will gradually turn the champion into a bimbo.

Bimbo Skirt, when equipped
The halter top clings to your bustline, sending a shiver of pleasure through your body. Sensation of tender fabric clinging to your shapely ass arouses you immensely, as you smooth your skirt. Your juice constantly escapes your virgin vagina and spoils your sexy skirt.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

A tight, cleavage-inducing halter top and an extremely short miniskirt. The sexual allure of this item is undoubtable.

Stats Edit

  • Base Defense: 1
  • Value: 50
  • Classification: Clothing
  • Slowly turns the champion into a Bimbo.
    • Will not progress if champion has Bimbo Brains or Bimbo Body perk.
    • Will not progress if champion has lower undergarments on
    • Is slowed if champion has a penis or no vagina
    • Sets minimum lust at 10*
    • Occasionally adds corruption, libido, and sensitivity
    • Occasionally decreases intelligence
    • Forces orgasms and masturbation on occasion
      • If champion has the Dildo or Deluxe Dildo, it may be used; will cause size increase
    • Has special stats to track progression
      • Bimbo Score: Current progression; 100 score does not equal bimbo
        • Having 20 or less intelligence causes the Bimbo Brains perk
        • Having 0 muscle, hips curvy or higher, butt spacious or higher, big F-cup breasts or higher, and no penis causes hair to turn platinum blonde
        • Having both of those causes the Bimbo Body perk
      • (Body part) Tension: Number of times (Body part) has orgasmed as a result of the skirt
      • (Body part) Craving: Likelyhood of (Body part) orgasming; orgasm will cause size increase
    • Changes body parts over time, records in Stats menu
      • Face: Increases femininity, up to 100
      • Tone: Decreases tone by 4, down to 0
      • Hair: Increases hair length by 0.5in up to 36in, changes hair color (See above)
      • Breasts: Increases breast size, up to big Fcup
      • Lactation: Causes lactation if not lactating; otherwise, increases lactation by 0.1
      • Butt: Increases butt size, up to spacious
      • Hips: Increases hip size, up to curvy
      • Penis: Decreases penis size by 0.5in, eventual removal, removes balls
      • Vagina: Grows if no vagina; otherwise, increases looseness, capacity, and wetness
  • Grants the Slutty Seduction perk
    • Magnitude: 10
  • Cannot be worn with undergarments if champion has 10+ corruption

Trivia Edit

  • The Bimbo Skirt can be given to Rubi. It will not turn him into a bimbo.
  • The clothing is considered light weight.
  • Bimbo progression can be disabled in the Inventory menu.

Wearables are items that are worn to boost or lower stats. They are different from weapons due to the fact that they are not directly used to hit the opponent, or that hitting the opponent is not their primary purpose. Rather, they aid combat in other ways.

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