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The Bizarre Bazaar is a settlement in the Plains. It serves as a counter to Tel'Adre, in that it welcomes those who are corrupt and rejects those who are pure.

The Bazaar is encountered every 10th exploration of the Plains, and will continue to be discovered until the Champion has successfully entered the city. The Bazaar is guarded by a 10-foot tall demon-morph with crimson skin, who will turn away any Hero with less than 33 corruption. It is possible, however, to fight the gatekeeper and gain entry if they win. Once they have entered the Bizarre Bazaar, it will be moved to the Places menu and they can return at any time, even if their corruption has dropped below the entry threshold.

Ingame Description:
Warm, earthy breezes drift by as you explore the wind-blown grasses of the plains. Though it seems you can see for miles, with the grasses subtly shifting between a few feet and over a dozen feet tall, it’s impossible to tell what you’ll stumble into next. You trust your ears and your nose as much as your oft-blocked vision at this point, and before long you catch a whiff of blackened meat and aromatic spices. There’s some kind of camp not far away!

You raise your jeweled rapier and cautiously creep through the towering vegetation, trying not to give your position away until you’ve ascertained just what type of people inhabit this camp. Bright light flickers through the grass in front of you, and you part it to peek from between the blowing stalks. There’s a ring of brightly colored wagons set up here, with a tall, picketed fence erected around them. Smoke curls up from the camp’s center, twisting in the air like a viper in the grass. Each of the wagons appears to be expanded, deployed into a small, self-contained structure. Clearly this is some kind of traveling caravan or bazaar.

There’s only one gap in the fence – a narrow gate watched by a ten-foot tall man with red skin and a pale, almost sky-blue turban. He has a pair of scimitars that hang from a simple, leather belt. The crimson-skinned man’s clothing is a simple tunic and loose-fitting pants, but neither can conceal his obviously well-muscled frame. He looks alert and attentive – a good sign since demons would have little need to post guards.


The Bazaar is a large camp that has been set up by a traveling caravan of wagons. The ground is hard-packed, trampled as if walked over by hundreds of hooves, paws, and feet. A massive bonfire rages in the center of the clearing, crackling and popping as it consumes its fuel gluttonously. Surrounding the blazing behemoth are tiny, wheeled food-carts with vendors hawking everything from sausage to something called a 'marshmallow'. Huge wagons ring the clearing, many set up to display exotic wares or services. The Champion can see everything from dancing centaurs to demons browsing the wares, but it seems an uneasy truce of sorts reigns here. Then again, as they note, maybe the demons have just not had the chance to openly attack this place yet.

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