Black Chitin
General Information
Type Miscellaneous
Usage Make armor
Merchant Information
Buy Value 12
Sell Value 3
Locations Found
Found At Forest
Bought From Benoit
Drop From Bee-girl
Kitsune's Gift

Content Author: Unknown

Black Chitin is a large shard of chitinous plating that came from a Bee-girl. The champion can take 5 pieces of it to Rathazul to make armor.

Black Chitin, when found in the Forest
You find a large piece of insectile carapace obscured in the ferns to your left. It's mostly black with a thin border of bright yellow along the outer edge. There's still a fair portion of yellow fuzz clinging to the chitinous shard. It feels strong and flexible - maybe someone can make something of it.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

A perfect piece of black chitin from a bee-girl. It still has some fuzz on it.

Stats Edit

  • Use: Make Bee Armor.
  • Value: 6
  • Classification: Armor piece
  • Five pieces are needed to make the armor.

Trivia Edit

  • When examining a piece of Black Chitin, it is incorrectly referred to as a scale.
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