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This person has products he cannot sell to the Alchemist or Trading Post proprietors here in Ingnam. Doing so may lead to his death, or something worse, being the next Champion, so he sells them through the Black Market instead.

Ingame Description:
You walk into an alley you swear you have never explored before. You stifle your fear as you walk into the dingy looking alley.

Unease creeps over you until you hear a raspy voice whisper from the darkness of the alley. You look around to see a hooded figure skulk from the shadows to approach you.

"Greetings. I know you. You're going to be the new Champion, right?" The hooded figure croaks. His face is mostly concealed by the shade of his hood. Slightly unnerved by the prowling figure you tell him that yes, you're going to be the Champion of Ingnam.

He pulls his hood down, quickly looking for the all-clear and rasps, “I've managed to sneak into the portal at the mountains. There is extraordinary stuff that can transform you! It takes me years of planning as the portal is only open for a short window of time before it closes for the rest of the year.”

With a skin-crawling chuckle he opens up his coat and shows you the array of goods and says, "I've managed to smuggle these in. They aren't cheap but I guarantee you, they're the real deal! See anything you like?"

These are outstanding statements on the workings of the portal where one may enter into the Demon Realm, which everyone knows, then return, as long as it is done so at a particular time frame, something that no one else knows, outside the Elders, of course.

Items for saleEdit

Inn Temple Wendy's Farm Mount Ilgast
Alchemist Black Market Blacksmith Tailor Trading Post
Ben the smith Gabriella Wendy Thief Innkeeper Elder Nomur