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The Blacksmith is where the Champion goes to buy weapons and armor while in Ingnam.

Ingame Description:
You enter the armor shop, noting the sign depicting armors. Some armor is proudly displayed on racks. You can hear the sound of hammering although it stops shortly after you enter. The local blacksmith, Ben, comes from the rear door and steps up to the counter and wipes away sweat from his face flushed red by the forge, "Welcome to my shop. In a need of protection? Or something sharp?"

Before you can get a word in Ben lets out an exasperated sigh "Ah, just forget about..."

You crook an eyebrow questioningly at the blacksmith. Ben then realizes his blunder.

"Ah, well it’s just… You’re the new Champion, right? None of the people I’ve seen who get sent to the portal brought a weapon and you would waste some gems. Still, if you want to train with weapons, you can go ahead and buy them. A little preparation never hurt anyone." the blacksmith says.

Items for purchaseEdit


  • Dagger — 40 gems
  • Pipe — 50 gems
  • Spear — 175 gems
  • Katana — 250 gems
  • Mace — 100 gems


  • Leather armor — 50 gems
  • Chainmail armor — 150 gems
  • Scale-mail armor — 200 gems

Spoiler: Keep what Ben the Smith said above in mind while in Ingnam before heading to the portal.

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