Breast Milker
General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Milking
Requirement Breasts
Merchant Information
Buy Value 250*
Locations Found
Found At Demon Factory
Whitney's Farm*
Bought From Whitney

Content Author: Unknown

The Breast Milker is a key item that can be installed at Whitney's Farm. The champion can then milk their breasts with it for Gems, so long as they produce enough milk and don't have sore nipples. Champions with flat breasts will not get Gems.

Breast Milker, when shown to Whitney
"Well of course, it needs hooked into a pump system, collection reservoir, and a power source. It just happens I've got all that equipment set up for my cows in the barn, and I reckon it'd be easier to plug into than a girl sniffing minotaur musk," Whitney explains, "If you like I could get it all set up for ya, hell, I might even toss you a few gems if you can produce enough milk."

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

You puzzle out how to build a fully functional breast-milker from the spare parts here and assemble it. You gained a Breast Milker!

Effects Edit

  • If the amount of milk the champion produces is higher than 2 liters, their intelligence will decrease. The Feeder perk lowers this drop.
    • Without the Feeder Perk:
      • 30 liters or less: -0.5 Intelligence per liter, up to -10
      • More than 30 liters: -12 Intelligence instead
    • With the Feeder Perk:
      • 5 liters or less: -1 Intelligence
      • More than 5, up to 10 liters: -2 Intelligence
      • More than 10, up to 20 liters: -3 Intelligence
      • More than 20 liters: -4 Intelligence
  • The milker pays 8 Gems per liter, but only up to 500* Gems a week. This maximum Gem limit is in combination with the Cock Milker.

Trivia Edit

  • You must keep talking to Whitney until the scene triggers.
  • Whitney will not set up the Breast Milker if she knows about Corrupt Kelt.
  • If the champion no longer produces at least 2 liters, the milker won't be removed.
  • Getting milked when the limit already is reached will cause the machine to warn the Champion they are producing more than Whitney can pay for.
  • If the champion is milked with less than 10 intelligence, the Milk Cow Bad End will occur.
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