Bro Brew
General Information
Type Transformative
Usage Bro transformation
Boosts Masculinity
Muscle tone
Changes Height
Merchant Information
Buy Value 1000
Sell Value 500
Locations Found
Bought From Owca
Drop From Ro'gar

Content Author: Oak

Bro Brew is a powerful, rare transformative that turns the consumer into a stereotypical "bro". It can be steadily obtained from Ro'gar once he's moved to Tel'Adre, but also can rarely been bought at Owca or from Benoit.

Bro Brew, when drunk
The stuff hits you like a giant cube, nearly staggering you as it begins to settle.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This aluminum can is labelled[sic] as 'Bro Brew'. It even has a picture of a muscly[sic], bare-chested man flexing on it. A small label in the corner displays: "Demon General's Warning: Bro Brew's effects are as potent (and irreversible) as they are refreshing."

Stats Edit

  • Effects: Increases satiety by 30. Sets HP at 100. Lowers fatigue by 33.
  • Value: 1000
  • Grants the Bro Body and Bro Brains perks.
  • When combined with Bimbo Liqueur, it will give the Futa Form and Futa Faculties perks.
  • Can be used on Izma to turn her into Izmael.

Transformations Edit

The Bro Brew, true to name, turns the champion into a muscled, mindless, and very masculine person. Unlike most transformatives, all changes listed below are guaranteed to happen.

Stat Changes Edit

  • Lowers intelligence to (21 + ((current intelligence - 20) / 4)) if intelligence is higher than 21.
  • Sets libido to 50 if libido is lower than 50.
  • Increases strength and toughness by 33.
  • Increases lust by 40.
  • Increases libido by 4.
  • Decreases intelligence by 1.

Appearance Changes Edit

  • Increases height to 6'6".
  • Creates a 12 inch long, 2.75 inch thick penis if has no penis.
  • Creates 2 size 3 testes if has no testes.
  • Sets penis length to 10 inches if has penis and length less than 10.
  • Sets penis thickness to 2.75 if has penis and thickness is less than 2.75.
  • Removes all breast rows and extra nipples.
  • Removes sexable nipples.
  • Sets breasts to flat size and nipple size to 0.25.
  • Removes vagina.

Miscellaneous Changes Edit

  • Sets muscle tone to 100.
  • Sets femininity to 0.
  • Increases thickness by 50, up to 100.
  • Removes Feeder perk.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bro Brew is the male counterpart to the Bimbo Liqueur. However, unlike Bimbo Liqueur, the Bro Brains perk can't be done away with DeBimbo.
  • Counts as slime feed.
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