Broken Scarred Blade
General Information
Type Weapon
Usage Combat
Boosts Attack +12
Merchant Information
Sell Value 500
Locations Found
Drop From Scarred Blade

Content Author: Unknown

The Broken Scarred Blade is a variant of the Scarred Blade-- a weaker version, but with no corruption requirement. If a champion's corruption is too low, the Scarred Blade will reject them. The champion then has the option to fight the blade or abandon it. If they fight the blade and win, they break it.

Broken Scarred Blade
The scarred blade falls to the ground, inanimate. You walk over to grab the saber to find out it’s still moving faintly. The saber needs to be broken to ensure it poses no further danger and remains usable.

You grab the saber by the blade and bend it with all your might. The metal groans and the lethicite cracks. You repeatedly twist the blade until one segment of the saber finally snaps off.

You examine the now-broken saber thoroughly to find out that it no longer moves at all. Whatever demonic power inside the scarred blade must be gone now. It looks like the sword is still usable.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This saber, made from lethicite-imbued metal, no longer seems to seek flesh; whatever demonic properties in this weapon is gone now but it's still an effective weapon.

Stats Edit

  • Base Attack: 12
  • Value: 1000
  • Classification: Light, blade, melee
  • Must fight and beat the Scarred Blade to obtain.

Trivia Edit

  • If the champion loses to the Scarred Blade, they will reach a bad end. As the Scarred Blade is a very difficult opponent, it's recommended that the champion have several perks, high stats, a second weapon ready, and good armor before attempting to get the Broken Scarred Blade.
  • The description of the Broken Scarred Blade has a number of grammatical errors.
    • This saber, made from lethicite-imbued metal, no longer seems to seek flesh; whatever demonic properties were in this weapon are gone now but it's still an effective weapon.
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