Bunny-morph Score
Transformative: Neon Pink Egg
If you have Add Comments
Bunny face 1
Bunny tail 1
Bunny ears 1
Bunny legs 1
More than two balls 0 or -1 Subtract 1, but only if the sum of the four previous conditions is higher than 0
Human skin 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the five previous conditions is higher than 1
No antennae 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the previous six conditions is higher than 0
No wings 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the previous conditions is higher than 0

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The Bunny-morph, or Lapine-morph, is an anthropomorphic rabbit and one of the many sapient species of Mareth.

There is very little information available about the bunny-morph and the two NPCs known from the CoC game are different in so many ways, it's quite possible they actually belong to two completely different races.

Bunny-Morph NPCsEdit

  • Joey — A girly-featured corrupted male bunny-boy who runs the Slippery Squeeze at the Bizarre Bazaar.
  • Bunny Girl — A short hermaphroditic bunny-girl who claims to be the Easter Bunny. She appears on the Plains, and offers the Champion the chance to mate with her, potentially causing some rabbit-based transformations. Originally a Yearly Event character, she became a permanent character in the game.
  • Daycare bunny-girl — In one of the scenes where you visit the children you have with Cotton, she takes you to the Tel'Adre Daycare where you meet a bunny-girl watching over the children. She only appears in this scene and is only mentioned in passing.
  • Bunny-girl daughters — The Champion with a bunny score of 3 or higher can give birth to bunny-morphs after having sex with the Bunny Girl. Once born, the bunny kids set out on their own and are never encountered again.

Becoming a Bunny-MorphEdit

To be classified as a bunny-morph you need to have a bunny score of 4 or more. The bunny score takes precedence over most other transformative scores. The only scores with a higher priority are the goo score, the kangaroo score, the spider score and the harpy score.

If you are male or genderless with small or flat breasts, you will be described as a bunny-boi, if not you will be described as a bunny-girl.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit

There are no advantages or disadvantages directly related to becoming a bunny-morph but there are some related to your bunny score.

Related linksEdit

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