Bunny Girl
Items Drop Neon Pink Egg
Gender Herm
Body Parts
Ears Bunny-like
Hands Wrist have "poofy" fur
Skin Caramel or toffee
Tail Bunny-like
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts tiny pink nipples atop
B-cup sized, pear-shaped breasts
Testes pair of egg-sized balls which
are actually neon-pink eggs
and has cum that tastes like
Impregnate? Yes
Locations and More
Interaction Sex
Content Author: Unknown

The Bunny Girl is a strange being who can be found in the Plains as a random encounter. When the Champion first encounters her, she is described as "short bunny-girl who hops out from behind some bushes, clutching a basket full of multicolored eggs tightly in front of her muscular, fur-covered thighs". She has the legs and ears of a giant rabbit, as well as bracelet-like "poofs" of fur around her wrists and a big, fluffy white rabbit's tail. The rest of her looks perfectly human, save for her nose being bright pink and the presence of whiskers sprouting from freckles on her cheeks. Her skin is smooth, dusky olive in color, with tiny pink nipples atop B-cup sized, pear-shaped breasts. Although initially concealed from the Champion, she is actually a hermaphrodite, with a 14" long penis and a pair of egg-sized balls. Because of some strange mutation, not only is her cum marshmallow flavored, but her egg-sized balls are actually neon-pink candy eggs; these have a strong mutagenic effect on the consumer.

Regular encountersEdit

She hops around a few times, peering closely at the ground as if searching for something, then realises the Champion is looking at her stopping in shock, eyes growing wide as dinner plates and evidently dumbfounded that the Hero seems to be able to see her. She is so startled that they are given the option to talk to her, to try and rape her, or to just leave.

If the Champion leaves, then this encounter repeats itself on all subsequent encounters unless they finally choose to either talk to her or rape her.

Trying to rape her has the Champion knocks her down with a flying tackle and she momentarily panics before realising the Hero is merely aroused. At this she calms down, explaining they could have just told her they wanted to have sex. All of the default sexual options are presented (see below).

If the Champion tries to talk to her, she claims to usually be invisible, a necessity to hide all of her many eggs, and asks how they can see her. The Hero thinks to themself that she must be crazy to believe she can actually become invisible. She goes on to explain that her job is to hide the eggs she makes, but she has recently started to make far more than she usually does; she feels constantly horny now, implying she is either another portal-lost being or that she has only recently been exposed to demonic corruption. Even as they talk to her, she is overwhelmed by her lust and collapses onto her back to start playing with herself, presenting the Champion with the option to have sex with her.

On subsequent encounters, Bunny Girl is caught masturbating and shyly but eagerly suggests that she and the player could have sex.

The Champion always has the option to leave and to receive anal sex from her. If they have either a penis, a vagina or both, they can 69 with her. If they have a penis, they can penetrate her — she can only take a penis of up to about 12-16.5 inches in length. If they have a vagina, she can penetrate them.

If the Champion penetrates her vagina, she lets them have one of her neon pink eggs as a thanks. A random number of new eggs are generated in her "ballsack" after the sex, from between 2 to 50. The amount generated seems to depend upon the Champion's cum production.

If the Champion performs oral sex on her, then the combination of her cum and the two eggs she feeds them means they immediately experiences a transformation into a bunny-girl/boy (depending on gender). Not only do they receive the physical TFs of ears and tail, but their bunny score increases to the point that a female or herm Champion will become pregnant with bunny-girls if they allow the Bunny Girl to penetrate their vagina.

If Bunny Girl penetrates the Champion's vagina, then the effect depends on the Champion's bunny score. If it is too low, the eggs will sit in their womb until they break down. This does prevent the Champion from being impregnated by other creatures, though it is possible to be vaginally pregnant with Bunny Girl eggs and anally pregnant with more of the same at the one time. The eggs will remain in the womb for about two days and will, once every eight hours, give the player a random effect as if they had eaten a neon pink egg. If their bunny score is sufficiently high, they will become pregnant with two Bunny Folk (Bunny-morphs) of indeterminate gender, which will be birthed 8-9 days later.

If Bunny Girl penetrates the Champion's anus, then she will lay both her eggs into their gut, where they will remain for about two days. Once every eight hours, as they break down, they will give them a random TF effect as if the Champion had eaten a neon pink egg. It is possible to be vaginally pregnant with Bunny Girl eggs and anally pregnant with more of the same at the one time.

Encountering the restrained Bunny GirlEdit

Easter 2013 a special scene, penned by Adjatha, was introduced, initially as a special Yearly Event but continued as a rare event. In this scene the bunny-girl has been restrained by a gnoll and left helpless to be abused by any monsters passing by.

In Game DescriptionsEdit

Regular encounters
While exploring the plains, you spy the familiar ears of a bunny-girl bobbing up and down behind a particularly tall patch of grasses. You peek over the top of the grasses to find the dusky-skinned rabbit-girl playing with herself. Both of her dainty, dextrous hands are clamped tightly around the wet, dripping length of her 14-inch cock as she hammers at the ground with her feet and humps away at her tightly-balled fists.

You lean forwards for a better look, dislodging a small pebble with your foot while shifting position. The bunny-girl leaps to her feet in a panic until her terrified irises lock onto your face. Her panic turns to embarrassment and in a flash every inch of her tanned skin is colored red. She asks, "Ummm, since I'm still in s-season, c-could we b-breed or something? Maybe just a little fuck?"

She claps both hands over her mouth, leaving her swollen prick to bounce precipitously while she awaits your response.

Restrained Bunny Girl encounters
Your trek through the plains is interrupted by a shrill, piercing cry that jolts you out of the daydreams that were floating through your mind. The piercing wail of a woman in distress grabs your attention and you hurry over the rising hills to the source of the howling bluster. You weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but as the source of the commotion comes into view, you have to admit this wasn’t exactly what you thought you’d find.

Lying in a shallow valley is a chocolate skinned woman. Atop her caramel head, two large pairs of bunny ears flop back and forth helplessly as she shakes her head in frustrated tension. Her long, muscled legs kick the ground in futile anguish, though you notice her feet are long and fuzzy, ending in thick paws with little pink pads underneath. Her arms appear to be secured behind her back by a corded rope that has her bound to a pair of tawny boulders. Between her legs, a fourteen inch erection throbs, fully erect and frothing with thick, syrupy cream. It’s a bunny-girl, certainly, but who would go through the effort of tying her up and then just leave?

As you approach, she takes notice of you, turning her full attention to you with desperation dripping from every pore of her freckled, cinnamonskin. "Oh thank goodness," she pants, her tongue lolling under her tiny buck teeth. "You have to help me," the toffee-colored woman implores. "I was minding my own business when some gnoll lady charged me and knocked me out! When I came to, she’d bound me up and said she was leaving me here as punishment for invading her lands. I’ve been helpless for hours and monsters keep finding me!" You notice that a steady stream of pale semen leaks from between her legs — the sticky aftermath of those who found her before you. Glancing at the ground, there are dozens of footprints in the loamy soil, most of them with cum pooling in the depressions. Considering the cacophony she was making just a moment ago, it’s no wonder everything in the area seems to have found and sated themselves in her.

"That’s not even the worst paaaaaaart!" she moans, squeezing her knees together tightly, trying to rub the throbbing back of her untended erection. You notice a small, metallic glimmer at the base of her shaft and realize that the gnoll left her with a bronze cock-ring. With her hands tied behind her, the bunny girl's been unable to get off throughout a full day of being fucked by anything with a sex drive. A thought strikes you and you look at the boulders she’s bound to a little closer. Sure enough, what you mistook for darkish, strangely spherical stones are, in fact, the bunny girl's balls. The swarthy surface strains with bloated need, their burden ballooning her taut testes with a throbbing multitude of eggs. "Pleeeeeease! You’ve gotta let me go! The pressure's unbearable!" You notice a dangerous glint in her eyes as she says it, eyeing your small rump with a frantic madness. You could let her go, if you wanted, or use her like everyone else who’s come before you. Alternately, you could leave her bound and get her eggs out on your own terms.

What will you do?


  • On Easter day, March 31, 2013, having 69 sex with the bunny girl led to an immediate transformation into a bunny girl with bunny ears and tail.

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