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Cabin Edit

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The Cabin is a structure that can be created in the Champion's main camp. It requires wood and nails, which can be purchased in the carpenter shop. Wood can be chopped from the Forest or the Deepwoods with an axe (bought from the carpenter), and nails can be scavenged from the Desert. The Cabin is available for construction after the main camp have been "lived in".

Building the Cabin Edit

Some time into the game, the Champion will reminisce about the houses and buildings from their homeland, Ingrad, and decide that they might build themselves a cabin in their likeness. Thereafter, the player may now access the carpentry store in Tel'Adre and must purchase a tool box before beginning to build the cabin.

In addition to the toolbox, the carpentry store will also sell the Champion nails, wood, and stone for building. The cabin can be built entirely from purchased materials, however it is very expensive to do so. Nails are sold for 2 gems, wood for 5 gems, and stones for 10 gems each.

At present, Stone does not appear to have a use.

The cabin is built in 6 separate scenes in the following order:

  • The champion builds the foundation.
  • The champion builds the floor.
  • The champion builds the walls of the cabin.
  • The champion builds the roof and paints the cabin.
  • The champion builds the window and door to the cabin.
  • The champion installs flooring.

Furniture Edit

After the champion finishes building the cabin, they gain the option to build furniture. Several pieces of furniture may be built, including a bed, a nightstand, a desk, a bookcase, a table, and up to 3 chairs (1 following the completion of a desk, and 2 following the table). Upon building the desk, its chair, and a bookshelf, the player is given the option to "study." 

Interactions Edit

After completing the cabin and having cleared the Phoenix Tower dungeon, Helia will approach the champion and tell them that she wants to move in with her father and sister to live in Tel'Adre. The player will have the option to ask Helia to stay with the Champion, triggering a unique, but admittedly unimpressive pre and post-sex scene. If the player has followers living with them, they will be introduced to Helia the following day.