Ingame Description:
You set off in search of new horizons, setting off from camp in a completely new direction than you've ever tried before. Away from the parts of Mareth you have thus far discovered, much of the world seems to be a barren wasteland. Your trip soon begins to seem unproductive, having found no new areas of Mareth or any contact with its inhabitants. You sigh and turn back towards camp.

However, soon you catch the faintest glimpse of something in the distance! Squinting, you shield your eyes from the sun and try to discern the strange glint on the horizon, but it's simply too far away. Well, whatever it is, it certainly merits a check – it could be anything, perhaps a city, or (even) some demon enclave that needs destroying. With a quick check of your weapon, you begin the long trek towards the shimmer in the distance.

You finally close the distance between yourself and the strange structure, which begins to take shape ahead. Though it's half-buried under what must be years of built-up sand and debris, you can clearly make out high stone walls supported by vaulted arches, broken every so often by the shattered remains of stained-glass windows and a pair of utterly destroyed oaken doors nearly hidden behind a row of tall marble pillars, many of which have long since crumbled. High above the ground, you can see a pair of tall, slender towers reaching up to the heavens, one of which has been nearly obliterated by some unimaginably powerful impact, leaving it a stump compared to its twin. From the rooftops, strange shapes look down upon you — stone statues made in the image of Demons, Dragons, and other monsters.

You arrive at the grounds around the ruins, cordoned off by a waist-high wrought-iron fence that surrounds the building and what once might have been a beautiful, pastoral garden, now rotting and wilted, its trees chopped down or burned, twig-like bushes a mere gale's difference from being tumbleweeds. A few dozen tombstones outline the path to a gaping maw that was once the great wooden doors. Seeing no obvious signs of danger, you make your way inside, stepping cautiously over the rubble and rotting debris that litters the courtyard.

It's quite dark inside, illuminated only by thin shafts of light streaming in from the shattered windows and sundered doors. You can make out a few dozen wooden pews, all either thrown aside and rotting or long-since crushed, leading up to a stone altar and an effigy of a great green tree, now covered in graffiti and filth. Stairs beside the altar lead up to the towers, and down to what must be catacombs or dungeons deep underground.

However, what most catches your eye upon entering the sanctuary are the statues that line the walls. Beautifully carved gray stone idols of creatures, chimeras, and nearer to the altar, god-like beings, are each set into their own little alcove. Unfortunately most have been destroyed along with the cathedral, each lying in a pile of its own shattered debris; some having whole limbs or other extremities broken off and carried away by looters, leaving them mere shadows of their former glory.

All of them but one. In the farthest, darkest alcove you see a single statue that still seems intact. It is of a woman — well, more like a succubus than a human woman. Though posed in a low, predatory crouch, she would normally stand nearly six feet tall, hair sculpted to fall playfully about her shoulders. A pair of bat-like wings protruding from her back curl back to expose the lush, smooth orbs of her breasts, easily DD's on a human. A spiked, mace-like tail curls about her legs that are attached to the pedestal upon which she's placed. As you stand marveling at the statue's beauty, you cannot help but notice the slit of her pussy nearly hidden beneath her. Oddly, it seems to have been carved hollow so that you could easily stick a few fingers inside if you so choose.

However, your attention is soon drawn from her body to the pedestal upon which she stands. A pair of solid gold chains extend from the pedestal to her wrists, binding the statue. You notice a plaque has been bolted to the pedestal, a feature not present on any of the other statues here. Leaning down, you blow a sizable amount of dust from the plaque, revealing the following short inscription:

"Break my bonds to make me tame."

Inhabitants Edit

Gargoyle - A statue, animated by unknown magic.

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