Author: Takenaka_Emika

Race: Centaur

Genders: Male, Female, and after the corruption took root, Herm.

Hair: Varies

Eyes: Varies

Appearance: From the waist up they have the torso of an attractive human and from the waist down they have the body of a horse. Strong and muscular, the horse part is able to do work that any horse can do.

Typical dress: Nude

Sexual Characteristics: All males have an equine prick roughly scaled to their body size. Females are known to be well endowed and a equine vagina that can easily take the size of their male counterpart's member. A pregnant female is in constant heat, that will pass after the child is born.

Culture: Centaurs see sex as a normal natural act and don't shy away from it. Often in a herd two centaurs will be going at it and nobody stares and gawks at them except for maybe a foal or two but that's more out of curiousity than anything else.

History: The Centaurs were nomadic and the most populous race on Merath, until, that is, the demons arrival. The centaurs didn't know much about the demons, only that they had a very active sex drive. They didn't see anything wrong with the demons hyperactive libido and didn't see them as a threat, nor the corruption they had. The centaurs continued to forage for supplies in corrupted lands and soon found themselves becoming hornier than usual. They simply thought it was time to mate and didn't pay much mind to it, after all, it's only natural. First it started with 2 centaurs constantly fucking then 3, then 6, then 12 and soon entire herds broke out in a 24/7 orgy. The few centaurs that did not take part in the orgy figured out all too late that it was the demon's corrupted fruit and water that made everyone mindless sex fiends. They tried to convince their friends and family to overcome this demonic influence but most fell victim to the corruption and persuasion of the beckoning fuck dolls. Others simply gave up and left the herd. 

The demons that found these orgies would join in and dominate all the centaurs with their unquenchable libido and lust. Once they were exhausted and sucked dry, the demons gathered them up and made them into their sexual beast of burden. There are very few uncorrupted herds that are not in service to the demons and even fewer pure herds. The pure still have a lack luster view on sex as a taboo but have become cautious and distrustful around lands known to be stomping grounds for demons.

Currently: The corrupted centaurs are still in service to the demons and most have turned into hermaphrodites but few of them have noticed or cared about it as they are kept gagged, blindfolded and their arms bound behind their backs. The demons do this so the only way centaurs can get pleasure is from the demons, thus makes them more eager to do their work and get their reward.

Most pure centaur herds have joined with other races that were displaced by the demons for protection. A large group move to the last free city of Tel'Adre, taking up residence with the dog-morphs. They now make up roughly 30% of the city's populous. Others are waging guerrilla warfare against demon settlements. These hit and run attacks have caused the demons to actively corrupt the areas where these herds get their food and water supplies, due to centaurs being nomadic, spiking these areas was deamed ineffective. Taking advantage of the common centaurian hubris, some members of the herds were given power over the rest to break the herds apart. Few of the demons plans have worked but the centaurs are fighting what seems a hopeless battle.

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