Game Sprite (16-bit)
Level 14
Hit Points 530
Strength 65
Toughness 65
Speed 95
Intelligence 85
Libido 50
Sensitivity 45
Corruption 50
Lust 30
Vulnerability* 0.25
Gems Drop 48
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Chameleon
Body Parts
Height 5'8"
Build Slender
Tongue Long, thin
Arms Human, a bit long
Hands Large, clawed
Legs Human, a bit long
Skin Smooth, tan, has a lighter tan front-side, has white stripes that go from ankle to shoulder
Hair 15", black
Horns Small, cute
Tail Abnormally long
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts B-cup
Vagina Human, non-virgin, slavering
Capacity Loose
Clothing Thick, silk cloth around chest and thong of same material
Weapon Claws (30 atk)
Armor Skin (20 def)
Locations and More
Location(s) Bog
Interaction Fight

Content Author: Savin

The Chameleon-girl is an enemy that can be encountered in the Bog. It is implied that the chameleon-girl encountered is the same one each time. She is a tall, lizard-like woman with large hands that have menacing claws. She attempts to scare the champion from the bog, claiming it's her's, to which the champion laughs at her and sends her in a rage that makes her attack.

Being a chameleon, she is able to change her body's color. She is any of several colors when encountered, and turns a different color each encounter. It's unknown what her true color is, though her sprite indicates it may be green.

Chameleon-girl (Colors may not be the same)
Your observer is some sort of lizard-like humanoid, though it appears to have smooth tan skin rather than any sort of scales. Long, white stripes run along its body from ankle to shoulder. It straightens itself up, allowing you to see that it’s definitely female: she has a slender body with slightly pronounced hips, their bones easily visible beneath her skin, and her breasts look to be about B-cups. Her arms and legs are a bit longer than they would be on a human body, and her tail is quite long by a lizard’s standards. Her hands, too, are disproportionately large and look as though they’re made to better grip and climb trees. The skin on her front side is a light tan, and looks softer than the rest. A set of long, brown horns protrudes forward from her forehead. She’s hardly clothed, wearing only a thick silken cloth tied around her back to hide her chest and a thong tied at her hip cut from the same material. Her long, thin tongue hangs out of her slightly parted mouth. She licks her lips grotesquely and slurps it back into her mouth as she eyes you up and down.

Sex Scenes Edit

Win Edit

  • Use Dick — Requires penis
  • Use Pussy — Requires vagina
  • Herm Style — Requires penis and vagina
  • Use Item — Requires Succubi Milk

Lose Edit

  • Genderless Loss — Requires no genitals. Slightly reduces HP.
  • Herm Loss — Requires penis and vagina. Empties lust.
  • Male Loss — Requires penis. Empties lust.
  • Female Loss — Requires vagina. Maxes lust.

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