Chilly Smith
General Information
Location Bizarre Bazaar
NPCs Sun, shopkeeper
Harmony, shopkeeper
Items Ugly Sword
Midnight Rapier
Inquisitor's Robes
Inquisitor's Corset
Ebonweave Jacket*
Events Learn Blackfire

Content Author: Foxwells

The Chilly Smith is the weaponsmith and blacksmith of the Bizarre Bazaar. While somewhat pricey, the shop is notable for selling a few special items, as well as giving corrupt champions an official place to buy weapons. It's run by Sun, a jaguar-morph; and Harmony, a black avian; who are dating.

NPCs Edit

  • Sun: 6'4" wall of muscle. Tan skin, gray eyes, brown hair. Golden-furred jaguar ears and tail with rosette patterns. Wears blue jeans, black shoes, and no shirt. Gruff and unfriendly.
  • File:HarmonySprite.png
    Harmony: 5'2", slender, vaguely unhappy. Black hair, grey eyes, pale skin. Harpy arms and tail, large feathered wings, black feathers. Wears purple hoodie, black pants, and black shoes. Shy.

Inventory Edit

Weapons Edit

Armor Edit

Events Edit

  • Low chance of learning Blackfire by repeatedly talking to Sun
  • Chance of being paid 5 Gems to leave the shop

Trivia Edit

  • The silly mode name of the shop, Chili's, is a reference to the restaurant. The name stems from an inside joke Foxwells has with their roleplay group, which they state that "[they] can't possibly hope to explain [the joke] outside of 'Hi, welcome to Chili's'."
    • Likewise, the shop was named "Chilly Smith" after this.
  • The shop was intended to be the only way to learn Blackfire. It was also meant to release the Midnight Rapier, but in such a way that it would take a lot more than some Gems to obtain.
  • The original concept for Chilly Smith was an overly priced blacksmith/weaponsmith shop. It was called Exploration Smithing, and was run by a cursed demon-morph named Ring who robbed others for his store's inventory (which also included undergarments). Alongside selling things, he could be talked to, fought, and asked for sex.

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