Content Author: Unknown

Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Rat-morph
Sexual Make-Up
Locations and More
Occupation Prostitute
Location(s) Bizarre Bazaar
Interaction Sex
Cinnabar is a female rat-morph who lives at the Bizarre Bazaar, where she passes herself off as a prostitute. She can be found from 15:00 each day on-wards.

Cinnabar is notable for several reasons: she has a fetish for the bizarre and monstrous (basically, the stranger, the hotter to her), a huge size queen fetish (a fetish for being penetrated by massive phallus's), and inhuman elasticity throughout her entire body. Additionally, a large portion of the inside of her wagon is covered in mirror-like "portals", which she shows a high facility at both controlling and using during her encounters. It is likely that Cinnabar travels with the Bazaar due to the easy access it has to corrupted (and thus exotic) individuals, allowing her to indulge in her cravings for unusual and over-endowed members.

Cinnabar will take any customer who approaches her in exchange for 50 gems, but, if they have a penis she deems "too small", or don't have a penis at all, she will not allow them to penetrate her, instead making them "fist" her vagina and anus simultaneously.

If the Champion has at least a 25 inch long phallus, Cinnabar deems them "acceptable"; she waives the cost of hiring her and allows them to penetrate her.

Despite appearing to be a meek, submissive, cum-hungry whore at first, Cinnabar quickly shows that she has a dominating and aggressive personality, casually dismissing the Champion as a plaything once she's finished with them. If the Hero is over 30 inches long, have more than 75 Corruption, and possess either Corrupted Jojo or Exgartuan, will attempt to force the encounter along against Cinnabar's will, where she reveals that she is far more vindictive and intelligent than would seem. A side-effect of this "lesson in empathy" is that the Champion's Corruption score will actually drop.