Level 14
Hit Points 350
Strength 65
Toughness 50
Speed 95
Intelligence 70
Libido 65
Sensitivity 25
Corruption 20
Items Drop Ton o' Trice

Golden Seed


Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Cockatrice
Body Parts
Height 6'2"
Build Ample hips and tight butt
Hair 2" long, blue, and feathery
Scales Midnight blue
Wings Large and feathered
Sexual Make-Up
Penis 8" long, 2" thick, reptilian
Weapon Talons (ATK 30)
Armor Scales and feathers (DEF 10)
Locations and More
Location(s) High Mountain

Ingame Description:
The cockatrice before you stands at about 6 foot 2. The harpy/basilisk hybrid hops from one clawed foot to the other, its turquoise neck ruff puffed out. From the creatures flat chest and tight butt, you assume that it must be male. He watches you, his electric blue eyes glinting as his midnight blue tail swishes behind him. Every so often he lunges forward, beak open before revealing it was a feint. He is wielding his sharp claws as a weapon and is shielded only by his exotic plumage and cream scaled belly. Every so often he spreads his large feathered wings in an attempt to intimidate you. His lizard like feet occasionally gouge into the rubble of the plateau, flinging it up as he shifts his stance.

Encounters Edit

The cockatrice can only be encountered after a conversation with Benoit where he mentions harpy/basilisk hybrids.

Initial Encounter Edit

As you follow the trails in the high mountains, the rocky terrain becomes less stable, the path devolving into a series of loose crags with gravel like sediment surrounding large boulders and rough stepping stone-like structures. As you cling to the rock face trying to step from one rock to another you see something in the distance. A figure, perched on one of the outcroppings with surprising ease.

Though you can’t pick out many details from this distance, the vibrant coloring of this individual makes you think of the harpies that rule the skies here. This is their domain, and you should probably tread carefully. A scuffle this high up is the last thing you could want.

Proceeding carefully, you approach the figure, gripping the rock tight as you pull yourself flat against the rough, cool surface. As you sneak closer, the creature’s feathers puff out, causing you to freeze. Holding your breath, you wait, hoping it hasn’t yet noticed your presence. After a few tense moments pass the creature simply leans forward and begins to preen itself, attention focused purely on itself. With a small sigh of relief you work your way across the ridge you had been clinging to, eventually managing to come across a small plateau, a godsend in this uneven terrain which allows you to observe the creature in relative safety.

The creature before you is easily 6 feet tall, covered in a layer of vibrant midnight blue feathers with turquoise accents. It appears to be relatively avian in appearance, more so than the harpies you’ve seen flying around. It has a beaked face with large feathered ears, reminiscent of those of an owl. A ruff of thicker and fluffier turquoise plumage sits puffed out around its neck, currently the target of its preening. You get a peek at its tight, lithe stomach and flat chest as it stretches, the smooth cream scales of its underbelly framed by its deep blue plumage.

Its arms are coated in feathers down to the forearm, though around the elbows there also seems to be vestigial wing feathers. While they aren’t huge, they look capable of assisting landings in acrobatic maneuvers and long jumps. The visible portion of creature’s hands and forearms are a contrast to its bright avian form, being oddly reptilian, coated in black scales and tipped with sharp claws.

As the creature shifts its stance, evidently done with its grooming, you see that it’s definitely some kind of avian/lizard hybrid. It’s long thick tail swings above its tight rear, gradually tapering down into a point. It has to be close to half its body length, with a mane of feathers stopping in a v-shape about 4 inches down its length as it transitions from its feathered body into midnight blue scales.

From its slightly wide hips, powerful feathered haunches transition in reptilian legs at the knee, black scales coating its digitigrade legs. Its three long toes terminate in wicked looking talons, while a smaller emerges at the heel. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of those. You realise as you appraise its vaguely familiar features, that this must be some kind of harpy basilisk hybrid, a Cockatrice! Boy, Benoit was right, they are weird looking!

As it turns to leave, it notices you and its electric blue eyes light up with excitement. It jumps from rock to rock with ease, quickly closing in on you with a squawking shout. You ready your [weapon] as the creature shows no sign of slowing. Looks like you have a fight on your hands!

Following Encounters Edit

As you once again climb high in the mountains, you spend some time catching your breath on a rocky plateau to avoid the loose gravelly ground. You see a brightly coloured creature in the distance, hopping from stone to stone with ease and what seems to be enjoyment. As you let out a sigh and move to leave the creature notices you, speedily moving from rock to rock with flaps of its feathers. It approaches squawking with excitement, not slowing in the slightest as it reaches the plateau. You now see it clearly, it’s a cockatrice, and you know it won’t or can’t halt in such an excitable state. Looks like you’ll have to fight!

Combat Edit


  • Claws (standard attack)
  • Singing: Attempts to compel the champion to look into its eyes. Decreases the champion's speed if successful.
  • Tail whip
  • Tease: Various versions. The cockatrice poses and gives the champion a "come play" look or shows off his rump.
  • Wings: Flaps his wings, kicking up dirt and rubble. Blinds the champion if they don't move fast enough.

Victory Edit


  • Vaginal ride
  • Anal ride
  • Buttfuck
  • Oral
  • 'Taur sex