Content Author: Unknown

Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Harpy
Breed Turkey-harpy
Body Parts
Eyes Blue eyes
Torso large bubble-butt
Legs bird-like legs
Feet clawed feet
Hair Long, red hair
Tail massive plume of red tail feathers sprouts from her butt, almost level with the back of her head
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts enormous breasts (each the size of a fully-grown goblin); lactates gravy
Vagina vaginal juices taste like pumpkin pie
Clothing moccasin poncho
Locations and More
Location(s) Camp
Interaction Sex
The Cockgobbler appears during a Yearly Event associated with Thanksgiving (November 22). She automatically appears in the camp of the Champion when night falls, whilst they are musing about the "Feast for the Thankful" back in Ingnam. If they do not send her away, they will be able to have a number of sex scenes.

If the Champion is male he may "Baste Her" (use her massive breasts to masturbate themselves), "Stuff Her" (penetrate her vagina), and then potentially "Spitroast Her" if they have Helia in their camp. If female she may engage in "Appetiser" (masturbate her with fingers), "Main Course" (suckle from her breasts), and/or "Dessert" (start performing cunnilingus) sex. Starting at one sex option results in the Hero partaking in the others (so, starting with Appetiser then proceeds to Main Course and then to Dessert).

Hermaphrodites will randomly get either scene, possibly.

Having sex with the Cockgobbler gives the Champion a perk; Pilgrim's Bounty (increase cum amount) or Cornucopia (increase vaginal and anal capacity by 30 each). Pilgrim's Bounty comes from penetrating her, Cornucopia comes from suckling from her.

If the Champion has encountered the Cockgobbler before and meets the criteria of having at least one penis AND either a Lust Draft in their inventory AND/OR Tamani's Deluxe Dildo in their Key Items, a menu of options is presented. Choosing "Hello Again" triggers a new scene in which the Hero milks the Cockgobbler's breasts down to G-cups, performs oral on her and receives a titjob in return, and then massages some aphrodisiac fluids into her pussy before vaginally penetrating her.

The Cockgobbler is implied to be some kind of mutant, flightless harpy; while she at first glance appears to be a normal human girl, with blue eyes and long red hair, as well as a large bubble-butt and enormous breasts (each the size of a fully-grown goblin), the clawed feet of bird legs stick out from her moccasin poncho, and a massive plume of red tail feathers sprouts from her butt, almost level with the back of her head. Having Helia in camp also implies that either the Cockgobbler is native to the Plains, she is Helia's pet or both. Her most unusual traits are that she lactates gravy, and her vaginal juices taste like pumpkin pie.