Corrupt Jojo
Variant Jojo
Corrupt Jojo
Bimbo Jojo (Joy)
Tentacle Jojo
Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Mouse-morph
Body Parts
Build lean
Face mouse-like
Eyes strikingly blue eyes
Ears dish-like mouse-ears
Feet mouse-like paws
Fur short, white fur
Tail ropey, pink tail
Sexual Make-Up
Threesome Sheila
Clothing loose-Naked
Weapon fists and wooden staff
Locations and More
Occupation monk
Camp Follower
Location(s) Forest

Content Author: Unknown

If the champion rapes Jojo, he'll leave the camp if a follower and become Corrupt Jojo. After the corruption the champion can find Jojo in the Forest. If not a follower, he is still found in the Forest, though he no longer has the possibility of ever being a follower.

He will attack the champion without warning. If defeated, he can be raped to further corrupt him so long as the champion has sufficient lust. After several rapes, he will become a slave. He can be used for sex and pay for the champion if they visit the Salon.

Ingame Description:
Jojo is an anthropomorphic mouse with immaculate white fur. His brown eyes stare at you with a mixture of despair and unrequited need. Though he stands only four feet tall, he is covered in lean muscle and moves with incredible speed. He's naked, with a large tainted throbbing member bouncing at attention. A fuzzy sack with painfully large looking balls dangles between his legs.

Corrupt Jojo "paying" for Champion's hair treatment.
Lynnette the goblin answers the door and lets you in, waving you deeper into her shop. Her shining black dress barely contains her fertile-hips and jiggling chest as she greets you, "Welcome back honey! Who's the cutie?"

You answer that your pet mouse, Jojo will be taking care of payment for you today. Lynnette looks doubtful, but she quickly drops to her knees in front of the mouse, determined to get her payment one way or another. Jojo's forearm-length erection immediately makes itself apparent. The goblin matron coos at the sight, humming happily once she sees the rivulets of pre-cum streaming down your slut's cock. In one smooth motion, she devours the heavy mouse-shaft, sliding her lips down all the way to the base.

Jojo moans and reaches for Lynnette's hair, but you stop him with a sharp command. He's paying for your services today, not getting a reward. Big, lusty eyes look up at him from his loins, and he shudders, his heavy balls clenching and relaxing from the goblin's perfect throat-fuck. She reaches up to caress them, and rolls them back and forth in her fingers, expertly pleasuring Jojo. In no time flat he's reached the edge of his endurance.

Lynnette, for her part, has two wet stains on her blouse, but she ignores them as she gives the mouse's nuts a gentle squeeze. He cums easily and hard from that little bit of extra stimulation. The goblin's throat works to devour it all, readily swallowing most of it. After a short time, she pulls back and lets him finish by filling her mouth. In turn, she spits the sticky mess into a funnel that leads to who-knows-where. Perhaps one of her daughters has the other end of that pipe jammed into her pussy?

Lynnette pants, "What'll it be today?"

Recruitment Edit

In order to recruit Jojo as a corrupted follower, the player must repeatedly rape him. Each stage of corruption requires the player have at least a certain level of Lust, Libido, and Corruption. A Corruption of at least 90 and a Libido of at least 60 are needed to corrupt Jojo past the first stage. Every time the player rapes Jojo, some of their Libido is either lost or gained.

Once Jojo is fully corrupted, he can be summoned by the character to their camp when they wish to masturbate. Additionally if the player has obtained Marae's lethicite they may further corrupt Jojo upon first use for sex. Choosing this uses up the lethicite and causes Jojo to grow tentacles, after which whenever used for sex players have the option to use tentacle Jojo or the standard encounter.

If Jojo is corrupted, then when he fights and wins, he will rape the character instead of purifying them. He can impregnate female or hermaphrodite characters by raping them, being raped and by being used as a masturbation aide.

If you have Rathazul as a follower, he may confront the you while in camp, warning you about a "strange demon-tainted mouse" lurking the woods, unaware that this is Jojo. This scene will trigger regardless of whether or not Jojo has been fully corrupted yet. You have 3 choices:

  • [Mine]: Explain that Jojo has been corrupted, and you like to sleep with him. Rathazul will accept this and not worry about it, finding it a bit crazy.
  • [Handle It]: Tell Rathazul that the mouse is weak and you can handle him. He asks why you haven't killed him, but you explain that you find that too evil, and he's not a threat anyway. He accepts your answer and returns to his laboratory slightly worried. You did not tell him that the mouse is actually Jojo.
  • [Harmless]: You explain that it's Jojo and he's "pretty fucked up", wanting you to fuck him. He asks if something can be done about him, finding him creepy, to which you explain that Jojo's only interested in you and won't get any of you if you don't let him. Rathazul wanders off murmuring.

If you have Amily as your follower, there is an event that will take place when you interact with corrupted Jojo a number of times. In this event, Amily confronts you about what you did to Jojo and asks if you would help him. The player will be given two choices.

  • [Help Him]: The first choice will require you to get Pure Honey and take it to Amily so that she can purify him, after which you will get a note from Jojo, telling that he went away to live with the 'colony' created by the offspring Amily made.
  • [Bitch Out]: The player will bitch out Amily, keeping Jojo as a corrupted follower.

Having corrupt Amily as a slave will not cause Jojo to leave, protest or even notice anything at all. (The same applies to Rathazul, actually.) 

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