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Ingame Description:
Walking through the woods, you find a damp patch overgrown with corrupted plant-life. Every flower seems warped into a colorful imitation of a female’s genitals, each vine appears throbbing and veiny, and every knot on the nearby trees is capped with a nipple-like protrusion, leaking dark sap. You smile as you enter the glade, wondering which of the forbidden fruits you should try...

There are flowers that bear more than a passing resemblance to pussies, vines with absurdly large penis-like tips, and trees covered in breast-like knots, leaking sap.

Requirements Edit

  • At 33 or less Corruption, the Champion will be repulsed, leaving the area and receiving a Lust increase of 2. This Lust increase increases to 20 + 20% of the Champion's Libido if they are unable to dodge the semen. This dodge is dependent on Speed, and is guaranteed if the Champion's Speed is 60 or greater. The Champion can choose to destroy the glade if they have certain abilities or are strong enough. There are individual messages for actions such as Fire Breath, White Fire, and Bare Hands. Once 100% of the glades are destroyed (which should take about 100 encounters), they are "extinct".
  • Between 33 and 67 Corruption (non-inclusive), the Champion will be curious, investigating the area and receiving a Lust increase.
  • At 67 or more Corruption, the Champion can use a part of the glade for their pleasure, triggering a scene and stat modifications.

Interactions Edit

Flower Edit

If this option is picked, male or herm Champions use their penis(es) to fuck the petals; if they are female, they lick the petals.

  • Increases cum multiplier for Champions with a penis. The base increase is 1; Champions with no testes get 4, Champions with testes under size 6 and PCs with the Messy Orgasm perk who currently have a multiplier of under 3 get 2.
  • Increases sensitivity by 2 for males and herms and 4 for females.

Vines Edit

If this option is picked, Champions with a vagina will have a 50% chance of using it as a dildo in their vagina.

  • Increases Sensitivity by 5.
  • Increases Corruption by 2.

Champions without a vagina will always trigger a scene of themselves giving the vine a blowjob.

  • Increases Lust by 25 + 10% of Libido.
  • Increases Corruption by 2.

Additionally, the scenes have a chance of triggering one or more physical changes:

  • 1/3 chance of hair turning green for both.
  • 1/4 chance of hip rating/butt rating increasing by a random amount between 1 to 3; hip for the former scene, butt for the latter. Hip rating increases also increases fertility by 1.
  • If the Champion's hair is already green and they have at least one non-tentacle penis, there is a 1/3 chance all of them will become tentacles.

Tree Edit

If this option is picked, the Champion suckles on the tree's breasts and drinks its milk.

  • Increases Sensitivity by 1.
  • Increases Lust by 15.
  • Increase breast size.

Notes Edit

  • Corrupted glades will regenerate over time should you stop trying to destroy them all. The speed of this regeneration is dependent on the number of remaining glades. If there are more glades remaining, they will regenerate faster. However, you will also be more likely to encounter them (and thus have more opportunities to destroy a glade).
  • Once Kiha has been recruited to camp as lover, you are able to 'assign' her to destroy any corrupt glade she encounters. (From my experience, from 100%, it took about 30 days for it to be extinct. More testing is needed.)

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