Cum Witch
Official game sprite
Level 6
Hit Points 440
Strength 35
Toughness 35
Speed 35
Intelligence 85
Libido 55
Sensitivity 40
Corruption 30
Lust 30
Vulnerability* 0.8
Gems Drop 5 to 20
Items Drop Tattered Scroll
Oviposition Elixir
White Book
Black Book
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Human
Breed Cum Witch
Body Parts
Height 4'7"-5'7"*
Almost 6'0"*
Build Curvy
Skin Black
Hair Sandy-blonde, 15" long
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts E-Cup
Penis Human, 12" long, 2" girth
Testes 2, 3"*
Vagina Wet, loose, non-virgin
Capacity +20
Butthole Tight, normal wetness
Impregnate? Yes*
Clothing Black robes
Wide-brimmed hat
White staff
Weapon Fists +0
Armor Robes +0
Locations and More
Occupation Produce semen
Quest(s) Desert Cave
Location(s) Desert
Desert Cave
Home Desert Cave
Bad End Sand Witches' Cum Pump
Cum Witch's Cum Dump
Interaction Volunteer
Regarding Savin's Work
All future add-ons for Cum Witch have been shelved for the original game by Savin himself, plus any of the mods written since Fenoxo released the source. Savin, the only author of content for the original CoC who has complained to Kitteh and staff of the Revamp Mod, said he does not want any modifications to his work since no one will know what he had written or what was added on afterwards.

Do not make any requests dealing with the content on this page and all content on other projects done by Savin, whether it be to Savin, the original CoC staff, to the Revamp Mod development staff, or any other mods being worked on. The answer is going to be the same: No.

Content Author: Savin

Cum Witches are a variant of the Sand Witch, notable for being dark-skinned and having a penis. They can be encountered in the Desert if the champion tells the Sand Mother to bolster and release them. Otherwise, only one is found, and she is located within the Desert Cave. She can always be found and is no different than the ones encountered in the Desert.

Cum Witch, in combat
The Cum Witch is a moderately tall woman, almost six feet in height. Her dark ebony skin is nearly as black as pitch, though it glitters with sweat from her recent sexual activities and the fight. She has plump lips and long, smooth blonde hair, though much of it is hidden behind a pointed, wide-brimmed hat. Her robes are even blacker than she is, but she wields an alabaster staff that fairly sizzles with magical might. Of course, her garments don't do much to conceal her gigantic breasts. Though there are only two, they're large enough to dwarf the four tits most sand witches are packing.

History Edit

Sand Witches are from the original group of mages that came to Mareth. While most of the mages turned to corruption, they broke off and formed their tribe, hoping to one day rebel against the demon army. Cum Witches were a part of their plan, serving to impregnate the witches and swell their numbers.

Interactions Edit

The Cum Witch, though primarily a sexual person,

  • Talk scene/s

Sexual Interactions Edit

  • List

Blessing Edit

Virility: +200ml of cum per orgasm and increased virility.

Fertility: Gain Magical Fertility Perk: +10% Chance of Pregnancy and +1 Pregnancy Speed Multiplier

Volunteer Edit

Info on volunteering.

Combat Edit

The Cum Witch is a bitch to fight, mainly due to her self-healing ability in which she spreads her own cum onto her wounds, healing a significant amount of damage. She also has a magic shield that will stay up for several rounds, blocking all magic attacks, including blind. The best way to fight her is to simply grind against her healing abilities, hitting her round after round and hoping for the best. Lust-based victory against the Cum Witch is possible, but difficult at lower levels as it comes down to whoever can inflict the most lust to the other.

Quest Edit

Main article: Desert Cave

The Cum Witch is part of the Desert Cave quest, being first introduced there. The champion can decide to bolster the number of Cum Witches and send them out into the Desert, or otherwise meet with the Cum Witch in the cave.

Bad Ends Edit

Sand Witches' Cum Pump Edit

Main article: Bad End#Sand Witches' Cum Pump

For male and herm champions who lose to the Cum Witch in the Desert Cave. They are captured and kept as a sex slave. They impregnate the entire tribe, causing the Sand Witches ranks to swell. The Sand Witches eventually overthrow the demons.

Cum Witch's Cum Dump Edit

Main article: Bad End#Cum Witches' Cum Dump

For female and sexless champions who lose to the Cum Witch in the Desert Cave. They are turned into a Sand Witch and show great lactation and pregnancy abilities, and thus are kept as the Cum Witch's personal sex slave.

Trivia Edit

  • The Cum Witches' combat data specifically doesn't give them any testes, despite the fact that they're described as having some.
    • Similarly, their height data (4'7" - 5'7") doesn't match their description (6'0").
  • The male/herm bad end for the Cum Witch in the Desert Cave are often not seen as a bad end among fans, since the demon army is ultimately defeated.
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