Deluxe Onahole
General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Masturbation
Requirement Penis
Merchant Information
Buy Value 50
Locations Found
Bought From Giacomo

Content Author: Unknown

The Deluxe Onahole is a a masturbatory aid. It can be bought from Giacomo for 50 Gems.

Deluxe Onahole, as pitched by Giacomo
Giacomo holds up a weirdly shaped lump of rubber. One end is shaped and contoured like a woman’s genitalia while the rest stretches out to almost a foot long. “This thing right here is excellent! While a standard onahole will get you off, this has the look and feel of the real thing! As you can see, the outside orifice looks just like a woman’s privates and,” Giacomo pauses to open the inside for you to view. You see the inner folds and curves that are typical to the inside of a woman’s womb, “as you can see, great care has been taken to make the inside feel as much like a real pussy as possible. You hammer your cock with this thing a few times and you may never want the real thing again! If nothing else, it won’t whine about you running out the door first thing in the morning."

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This is a deluxe onahole, made of exceptional materials and with the finest craftsmanship in order to bring its user to the height of pleasure.

Effects Edit

  • Reduces Lust to minimum.
  • Decreases sensitivity by 2.

Trivia Edit

  • Though Giacomo claims the Deluxe Onahole is somehow better than a Plain Onahole, there is little evidence to suggest that either is superior.
  • When masturbating with the Deluxe Onahole, it will be launched a ridiculous amount of distance away from the champion. Silly Mode has no affect on this.
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