Ingame Description:
Strange Gateway in the Sands

Just ahead, in one of the larger dunes, is a square stone doorway, built into the side of a large, sparkling mountain of sand. You never would have noticed it if the sun hadn’t been at the perfect angle to trace a rectangular shadow down the side of the incline. As you approach, you notice a smooth obsidian orb embedded into the side of it. Perhaps that’s the mechanism to open it?

You hesitantly touch the dark sphere, admiring its smooth, glossy finish. Almost as soon as you come in contact with it, it recedes into the wall. The doorway rumbles, a giant slab vanishing into the sandy depths, opening a portal to the inside. Meticulous carvings inlaid with pearl depict large breasted witches in great quantity, and though the specific means of the glyphs are foreign to you, it’s clear this place is some kind of sanctuary for sand witches.

It is also known as the Sand Witch's Dungeon aka home of the sand witches and it can be discovered after reaching level four and is the biggest dungeon in the game. the entrance is guarded by the Sphinx Sanura, she will tell you to solve three riddles which vary, but in the end if you try to fight her she'll just surrender.

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