Dog-morph Score
Transformative: Canine Pepper
Large pepper
Double pepper
Knotty pepper
Bublous pepper
Black pepper
If you have Add Comments
Canine face 1
Dog-like ears 1
Dog-like tail 1
Dog-like legs 1
One or more dog cocks 1
Two rows of breasts 1 Exactly two rows, no more, no less.
Three rows of breasts 2 Exactly three rows, no more, no less.
Fur 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the seven conditions above is higher than 0.
The Dog-morph is an anthropomorphic dog and one of the many sapient species of Mareth.

Just like non-sapient, sentient dogs, there are numerous dog-morph breeds.

There is no official codex for dog-morphs but from various descriptions, it appears that they resemble non-sapient dogs, with fur, dog ears, dog tails, dog-like legs and paws, and dog genitalia. It is possible that some dog-morphs are more human in appearance with only a few dog-like traits.

The dog-morphs found on Mareth tend to live fairly quiet lives, shying away from the fight against the demons. Many of the shops and workshops in Tel'Adre are run by dog-morphs.

Dog-morph NPCsEdit

  • Brooke (German Shepherd) — Regular of the Gym in Tel'Adre.
  • Oswald (Golden Retriever) — Owner of the Pawnshop in Tel'Adre.
  • Victoria (Corgi) — Owner of the Tailor shop in Tel'Adre.
  • Whitney (unknown breed) — Owner of Whitney's Farm.
  • Yvonne (German Shepherd) — Blacksmith in Tel'Adre.
  • Unknown name (Husky) — Weaponsmith in Tel'Adre.
  • Unnamed bar clientele — The description of The Wet Bitch states that the clientele consist of "mostly centaurs and dog-morphs of various sub-species". There is no way to interact with them though.
  • One of the four males you can BJ at the Salon to pay for their services is a "canine". This may be a dog-morph but is more likely a hellhound or just a regular dog.
  • Roland (unknown breed) — Marble's father. Doesn't appear in the game but is mentioned by Marble when she tells you the story of her life.

Becoming a Dog-MorphEdit

To be classified as a dog-morph you must have a dog score of 4 or more.

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