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Every thing you are it is. This is an unique encounter, short and decisive. Be VERY careful.
Level All of its stats are your stats.
Gems Drop 10-19
Items Drop Laybans (100%)
Gender Its Gender is your gender.
Weapon Your weapon is its weapon.
Armor Your armor is its armor.
Locations and More
Location(s) Lethice's Stronghold
Bad End  ???
Doppelganger can be found in Lethice's Stronghold; an enemy that was trapped in a mirror by Lethice herself (as it tells the Champion and mocks them as the fight progresses). However, despite being trapped for a decade, it promises to ensure that the Hero never dwell within a room of empty space as proven by the Bad End. This battle, is drawn down to 6 turns where if you are unable to defeat the Doppelganger in these turns, you will automatically be trapped within the mirror.

Spoiler: Using uncommon magic, or rather, your special attacks, both physical and magical, have a much greater chance of you surviving and ending the battle before the sixth (game over) turn.


Through this encounter, the Champion sees 'themself' for the first time.

Ingame Description:
You step into the room and move across to the optician stand. The metal door clicks shut behind you. A feeling of unease grows in your gut as you walk further into the room; the place seems gloomier and larger than it did from the door. You almost jump out of your skin as somebody suddenly emerges to your right — but of course it's just you, reflected in the intricately decorated, oval-shaped mirror which centers the room. You smile at your own silliness, before watching your expression change to a frown. You seem very sharply focused in it; the room behind you barely seems there at all. Some kind of enchantment to refine a demon's appearance, you guess.


Almost always, the doppelganger will negate your initial melee attack. Spoiler: Doppelganger will not negate attacks made with a bow.

Ingame Description:
You must fight yourself!

"You feel it, don't you? The transfer. The mirror is a vacuum without a being inside it; it reaches out for someone to complete it. Your being, to be exact. Mine wants to be free a lot more than yours. Ten years more, to be exact."

"Just let it happen, [Champion]. You can't beat me. I am you, only with the knowledge and powers of a demon. Accept your fate."

Ingame Description:
A weird fluttering feeling runs up your arm, and with a cold chill you look down to see it shimmer slightly, as if you were looking at it through running water.

You need to finish this as fast as you can. - First turn

You have six turns to overcome the doppelganger, and only six turns. If you tease doppelganger two times, then the next turn will always be the last, even if it's not sixth, giving you +100 Lust no matter what your stats are in case of failure.

Sixth and Final TurnEdit

If you have not found a way of beating the doppelganger by the end of this turn, Game Over.

Ingame Description:
The shimmering intensifies for a moment as something... shifts....

Game OverEdit

Ingame Description:
Everything feels so vague, so inconstant; your body and mind shimmer like a lake hit by rain, incapable of focusing, incapable of holding onto a shape, a slave to any force that wants to form you. Who are you? It is obvious, isn't it. Your image floats in front of you, the only clear thing you can perceive. It grins triumphantly, and you grin back: it is all you can do. Its movements define you, dominate you utterly, within and without. When it steps forward and puts its hand out, it isn't by choice you mimic the action — it is all you can do. Your fingers stretch out to meet their mirror image, but before they meet they touch a cold, invisible barrier. Glass. True understanding of your situation permeates you like spreading oil, but you cannot gasp, scream in horror, pull at your hair. You slowly pull away from the mirror's surface, your grin widening, because that is what the demon who has taken your form is doing.


  • Interestingly, as the Champion comments (after winning and choosing "Oh really?"), the doppelganger was trapped by Lethice, however, just in case it managed to get free, the mirror can be shattered if the doppelganger suffers an orgasm to whomever they might have stolen their body from.
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