Dragon-Shell Shield
General Information
Type Shield
Usage Defense
Boosts Block +14
Merchant Information
Sell Value 750
Locations Found
Found At Tel'Adre

Content Author: Unknown

The Dragon-Shell Shield is a shield formed from the Dragon Eggshell. It's made by taking the eggshell to the Tel'Adre blacksmith and presenting it to her. She will request 200 Gems as payment.

Dragon-Shell Shield, when bought
Handing over the gems, you take the white shell back from her; true to her word, she’s rounded it into a proper shield and fitted adjustable straps to the back. Its hardness is indisputable, but you can only wonder if its liquid absorption properties are still intact. Worth a test, right?

In-Game Information Edit


name: DrgnShl

name when equipped: dragon-shell shield

Description Edit

A durable shield that has been forged from the remains of the dragon egg you found in the swamp. Absorbs any fluid attacks you can catch, rendering them useless.

A durable shield that has been forged from the dragon eggshell Ember gave you for maxing out her affection.

Stats Edit

  • Base Defense: 14
  • Value: 1500
  • Classification: Light shield
  • Absorbs fluid-based attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • Though the shield is meant to absorb all fluid attacks, there is only coding for it to absorb cum attacks from the Cum Witch and Imp Overlord.

Shields are equippable items used to boost defense, among other effects.

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