For other uses, see Ebonweave.

General Information
Type Miscellaneous
Usage Wearables crafting
Merchant Information
Buy Value 600
Sell Value 300
Locations Found
Drop From Basilisk

Content Author: Zavos and Foxwells

Ebonbloom is a rare, metallic flower that grows in the caves below Mareth. They have special alchemical properties which allow them to be crafted into very protective armor. While the caves are inaccessible, they are rarely dropped by Basilisk or the Phoenix.

Ebonbloom, when examined
You look over the Ebonbloom flower. It's rather pretty, outside of the fact that it reflects sunlight and blinds you. They're rare, so you're sure you could sell it if you wanted, though you can't help but wonder if there's another use for it.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

Grey[sic] metallic flowers that are known to bloom in the deepest caves below the mountains.

Stats Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ebonbloom, while the most rare material, can be made into the most amount of things.
  • The Ebonweave clothes set introduced two new things: Armor with two perks, and undergarment with perks. It also created two new types of wearables, jackets and vests.
Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items do not fit in any major category, but are of too few numbers to qualify for their own. They have ranging purposes and no common trait besides not fitting anywhere else.

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