This is a Wikia for a lesser-known game, but that doesn't mean there is to be no standard! Follow these rules when editing to ensure everything is consistent, easy to read and edit, and follows Wikia Rules. Violation of these rules may lead to warnings, or right to punishments if your offense is bad enough.

Exceptions to these rules is if you are adding a direct game quote. If it's something pulled from the game that doesn't follow, then it can't be helped. It is the game's fault, not our's. Furthermore, userpages are exempt from rules on proper grammar and language-related things.

General Rules Edit

  • Use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Write in American English.
  • Use as few words as possible.
  • Break apart long paragraphs. 6+ sentences generally means a long paragraph.
  • Do not create redirect pages, and do not create new page links if a page for it already exists.
  • Use proper title capitalization when naming pages. Use this if you don't know what proper title capitalization looks like. Make sure you set it to "Five or more letters".
    • Exception: Hyphenated names should not have their second part capitalized. For example, Dog-morph would be correct over Dog-Morph. Hyphens combine words, and therefore "Dog-morph" is considered one singular word.
  • Avoid an assignment of genitals to gender. If the requirement is a penis, say a penis, not a male champion. If the requirement is a penis and vagina, say that, not hermaphrodite.
    • List a character's gender by what they consider themselves to be. There is a section of the NPC infobox that is for sexual make-up. Put any information regarding genitals there.
  • Do not put fan art on pages, regardless of who drew it, why, permissions, and the like. There are no exceptions to this.

Sexual Content Edit

While Corruption of Champions has sexual content, Wikia does not allow pornography. To keep this Wikia from being taken down, we will not put pornographic content on here. The direct quote clause applies here, but only to descriptions of characters' appearances. All other quotes should be filtered.

  • No pornographic images of any kind. The only exception is official game sprites, as those are too tiny to be of any impact and are nudity as opposed to pornography.
  • Use clinical terms for sexual-related things. Slang is not to be used.
    • Examples include but are not limited to: Ejaculate vs cum, butt vs ass, sex/intercourse vs fuck, vagina vs cunt, breasts vs tits, penis vs dick/cock, oral sex/fellatio vs blowjob
    • Exception: Listing button names (such as a button saying "Blowjob"), as those are considered to be direct quotes from the game.
  • Do not give detail to sex scenes. Saying the champion had oral sex is fine. Any details of what happened during it is not.

Perspective Edit

Write in the format of in-universe, third person, and present tense. Refer to the champion as the champion, not the player or main character, and use they/them pronouns for the champion.

  • "The player can walk up to the Stronghold and grab their sword." Not okay. It's out of universe, meaning it's the perspective of the person playing the game rather than the characters'.
  • "You walked up to the Stronghold and grabbed your sword." Not okay. It's in second person and past tense.
  • "The player walks up to the Stronghold and grabs his sword." Not okay. It calls the champion 'the player' and uses he/him pronouns for the champion.
  • "The champion walks up to the Stronghold and grabs their sword." Okay! Present tense, third person, perspective of champion, and doesn't assign them a particular gender.

Exceptions to this rule are pages that talk about out-of-universe things or are pages for Wikia users (such as userpages, blogs, talk pages, edit summaries, etc). Out-of-universe pages would be pages like the Achievements. They are nothing the people of Mareth would be aware of, but game players are.

Category TreesEdit

The categories the Wikia uses are extensive, but not impossible to assign. When dealing with the categories of an article you finished creating, consider first if it is a person (NPC), a place, or thing.

If it is an NPC, you start of with the race first (Kid A is an anemone, so Anemone NPC). Then the next one is what form of race is it. A morph, corrupted, etc. From the Kid A example, the Anemone are a corrupted species, thus Corrupted NPC. Then, if it is Native or Offworlder, based on if their species originated in Mareth or if they came from another world. Kid A is a Native, but the champion is an Offworlder. From there, add Species NPC, and NPC.


NPC ——————————————————————————————————————————————
 |    |                                          |
 |   Gender NPC                                 Main NPC
 |      |——— Female                                |——— Camp Follower
 |      |——— Male                                  |——— Camp Lover
 |      |——— Herm                                  |——— Camp Slave
 |      |——— Genderless                            |——— etc.
    Species NPC —————————————————————————————
       |                                    |
       |——— Native NPC                      |———  Native NPC (cont)
               |——— Corrupted NPC           |        |——— Morph NPC
               |       |——— Kobold NPC      |                |——— Ant-Morph NPC
               |       |——— etc.            |                |——— Minotaur NPC
               |                            |                |——— etc.
               |——— Demon NPC               |
               |       |——— Omnibus NPC     |——— Offworlder NPC
               |       |——— Succubus NPC            |——— Human NPC
               |       |——— etc.                    |——— Goblin NPC
               |                                    |——— etc.
               |——— Monster NPC
                       |——— Centaur NPC
                       |——— Harpy NPC
                       |——— etc.


Sapient ————————————————————————
        |                      |
        |—— Native             |—— Native (cont)
               |               |      |
               |—— Corrupted   |      |—— Morph
               |               |
               |—— Demon       |—— Offworlder
               |—— Monster


It's possible that a Place may fit under a few subcategories. It's okay to mark it in several. If a place is discovered that fits no where in the existing categories, do not make a new category. Please contact Foxwells and they will categorize as appropriate, and update the tree accordingly.

Examples of how to categorize:

  • Owca Village- Location, Place, Settlement, Plains
  • Pawn Shop- Location, Place, Shop, Tel'Adre
  • Boat- Location, Place, Lake
  • Tower of the Phoenix- Location, Place, Dungeon, Settlement, High Mountain
  • Kitsune Mansion- Location, Place, Settlement, Deepwoods
Location ——— 
            |————————— Zone
            |            |——— Wastelands
            |            |——— Forest
            |            |——— Deepwoods
            |            |——— Lake
            |            |——— Desert
            |            |——— Plains
            |            |——— Mountain
            |            |——— High Mountain
            |            |——— Swamp
            |            |——— Bog
            |            |——— Glacial Rift
            |            |——— Volcanic Crag
            |————————— Place
                         |—— Settlement
                         |      |—— Tel'Adre
                         |      |      |—— House
                         |      |
                         |      |—— Owca Village
                         |      |—— Oasis Tower
                         |      |—— Bizarre Bazaar
                         |      |—— Whitney's Farm
                         |      |—— Cathedral
                         |      |—— Town Ruins
                         |      |—— Ingnam
                         |—— Dungeon  <!-- Mark its zone -->
                         |—— Shop              <!-- Shops do not mark zone if they 
                         |      |—— Tel'Adre             are in a settlement.
                         |      |—— Bizarre Bazaar    If not in one, mark zone -->
                         |      |—— Owca Village
                         |      |—— Desert Cave
                         |      |—— Deep Cave
                         |—— Miscellaneous Places  <!-- Mark its zone -->

Objects Edit

It is possible for an item to fit in more than one sub-category. If an item is discovered that fits no where in the existing categories, do not make a new category. Please contact Foxwells and they will categorize as appropriate, and update the tree. Examples of how to categorize:

  • Akbal Saliva- Item, Consumables, Healing
  • Salamander Firewater- Item, Consumables, TF, Healing, Stat Changing
  • Minotaur Blood- Item, Consumables, TF, Stat Changing, Status Changing
  • Classy Suitclothes- Item, Wearable, Clothing
  • Dragonscale Bra- Item, Wearable, Clothing, Undergarment
  • Lesser Ring of Criticality- Item, Wearable, Combat, Jewelry, Rings
  • Lethicite Armor- Item, Wearable, Combat, Armor
  • Green Gel- Item, Miscellaneous Items, Unusable Items, Crafting, Armor Pieces
  • Black Book- Item, Miscellaneous Items, Combat, Combat Magic, Consumables, Miscellaneous Consumables
  • Imp Skull- Item, Miscellaneous Items, Unusable Items
Item ———————————— Key Item
       |————————— Miscellaneous Items
       |————————— Unusable Items
       |             |—— Crafting
       |                   |—— Armor Pieces
       |                   |—— Weapon Pieces
       |                   |—— Shield Pieces
       |————————— Wearable
       |             |——— Clothing
       |             |      |—— Undergarments
       |             |
       |             |——————
       |                    | 
       |                    |——— Armor
       |                    |
       |                    |——— Jewelry
       |                    |      |—— Rings
       |                    |      |—— Piercings
       |————————— Combat    |
       |             |——————
       |             |——— Weapon
       |             |——— Shield
       |             |——— Combat Magic
       |————————— Consumables
                     |——— Transformative
                     |——— Healing
                     |——— Stat Changing
                     |——— Status Changing
                     |——— Miscellaneous Consumables