Exploring the wasteland is a basic action in the game, that is used to find new regions.

New RegionsEdit

Region Notes Prerequisites Encounterchance
nothing first time you explore you get some intro text - 100%
Forest found on second exploration - 100%
Lake found on third exploration Forest 100%
Desert - Lake 1/3
Mountain - Desert 1/3
Plains - Mountain 1/3
Swamp - Plains 1/3
Glacial Rift - Swamp, Level 10, 60 Days past 1/4
Volcanic Crag - Swamp, Level 15, 90 Days past 1/4

Other EncountersEdit

If you did not encounter a new Location then you get one of these repeatable Events instead.

Encounter Notes Chance
Giacomo Human Merchant 1/5
Lumi Goblin Merchant 1/5
Gargoyle one-time encounter. Can be found under places afterwards 1/5
Prison you see a cage wagon. A bold warning is shown. You can decide to get captured or leave. Can only be encountered if you haven't been in the prison yet 1/20
Imp/Goblin Encounter females are more likely to encounter Imps and males are more likely to meet a Goblin if nothing else happens