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The Fapping Arena is just that, an arena where you fap, or should I say, you get fapped by your neighbor to the left as you fap the one to your right. You are in a large circle-jerk, so enjoy.

Ingame Description:
As you approach the tent, you notice these people are actually waiting in line, pleasantly chatting with each other. All varieties of species are there, from cute little goblins and mouse-faced people with rodent-like teeth, to towering centaurs and minotaurs, the latter easily noticed with their strong scent. You spot the occasional sharp-toothed dog-morph or shark breeder, some traditional incubi and a few tentacled mutants, victims of consuming corrupted vegetation. There are even a few humans, nonchalantly standing in the waiting line and making conversation, as if some of the others weren't monstrosities. What strikes you is everyone's perfect civility. Obviously everyone is used to the place.

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