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Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Goddess
Body Parts
Face achingly beautiful
Lips full, blood-red lips
Eyes burning crimson eyes
Hands black, claw-like nails
Skin Pale skin
Hair shimmering orange waist-length hair
Locations and More
Location(s) Deepwoods
Fera is one of the gods of Mareth; specifically, she holds the title of Goddess of Predation. When the Champion encounters her, she has been sealed for many years by Marae, as a result of her choosing to side with the demons.

Fera is described as resembling a human woman with shimmering orange waist-length hair, pale skin, achingly beautiful visage with burning crimson eyes, a button nose, and full, blood-red lips, and black, claw-like nails.

The Champion encounters her in the form of a strange pumpkin in the Deepwoods.

  • Encounter if no perk from Fera gained yet
    • Encounter requirements: It is Halloween season (date after October 27 and before November 2 and year > year of the last encounter) and the Champion has not tried to get perks yet (if you tried and lost, then wait for another year or load a previous save)
    • Champion has cock or vagina (You gain 24 Corruption if you choose to have sex with it)
      • Fuck it (Requirement: cock)
      • Mount it (Requirement: vagina)
        • Champion is pregnant or has vaginal wetness < 2 and Fertility < 30
          • Nothing happened
        • Champion is not pregnant and either has vaginal wetness >= 2 or Fertility >= 30
      • No way
        • Just leave
    • Champion has no cock or vagina
      • Leave automatically
  • Encounter if the Champion has Alpha or Breeding Bitch
    • Encounter requirements: It is Halloween-time and the Champion has not encountered Fera's wonderland this year.
      • Explore
        • Further requirements: The Champion must have a cock or a vagina (if neither, you will need to try again another year)
          • Lips (Requirement: cock) (if no vagina, Continue button appears instead)
            • For now ( you will not encounter Fera after that
            • For each cock add +1 to Length and if thickness < length/5 then thickness = length/5
            • Add Fera's Boon - Seeder perk
          • Stamen (Requirement: vagina) (if no cock, Continue button appears instead)
          • Leave (Requirement: intellect >= 40) (wait for next year to explore wonderland)
        • Leave (and wait for next year)
Gods & Goddesses
Akbal Carol Fera Marae Taoth
♣ Foreign Gods, or demons playing the part.